10 best mobile apps built for transit and transportation purposes

There are several android and ios mobile apps available for transportation and transit. These apps give services and facilities of transportation to the peoples.
You can use these transit apps easily without any headache of buying tickets and going out of your home to finding a cab or taxi.
Developers are creating mobile apps that will give more benefits to peoples and make transportation more easy, reliable and reasonable.
As of now, many new mobile apps technologies in transportation is introduced. Here, I mention 10 best transportation apps that are evolving.
1. Uber
This is the most popular service for transportation, it usually works as expected. They will ping your location and you can get services of Uber at your doorstep through their mobile app.
Uber is available in more than 500 cities worldwide, you can also pay through the app and can rate their services and drivers.
2. Lyft
Lyft is another popular app, their services are also very good they can compete with Uber, but Lyft is only available in the United States, but they may soon expand their network to other cities and countries.
3. Moovit
Moovit is the biggest network of transportation but they do not provide a ride at your doorstep, but you can check and get details of the train schedule, bus schedules through this app. They also provide service for bike-sharing.
4. Curb
Curb is a new and rising app, it is a taxi service that connects you to the more than 50,000 taxis.
Curb is growing faster in several cities of the US, you can have an immediate ride with it and you can also book a taxi for later.
5. Citymapper
This app provides many services and it supports many things, it provides the service of taxi, cabs, subways, and trains.
You can get details of departure times and different alerts with step by step guides. Their services are available in many countries.
6. Zipcar
It is a famous car-sharing company, it is the best app for going out of town for an hour or for a day. If you want to go out for a weekend and want to have a trip and you need a car, for this purpose you can take the help of Zipcar.
This app is available on both android and ios, you can manage all important matters of your ride through this app.

7. Transit
Transit is a useful app you can check details and schedules of cabs, buses, and trains through this app.
You can get detailed information about all the modes of transportation, they will guide you and navigate you.
8. Waze
Waze is another useful app, it will save your time and money both on your trips and travels.
This app will guide you about the nearby gas stations, petrol pumps, it will keep you updated towards traffic jams and speed traps.
9. Spot cycle
It is the biggest bike-sharing network, whenever you need a bike for a ride you can contact with spot cycle. They will inform you about all the bike stations in the city and update you about the availabilities of your favorite bike.
You can download this app for free and can have benefits from, its services are available in U.K, U.S Canada, and Australia.
10. ParkMobile
Parkmobile will guide you about the parking places around the city at malls, airports, restaurants where you can park your bike or car after a ride. This mobile app will let you pay for the park before your reaching on the parking spot.

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