10 Hair Care Tips For Winter

The summer may be over, but winter would mean an entirely new series of challenges. No doubt, winter is the best time of the year for a lot of people. And it should be, because the feeling of having a hot beverage, in a cold weather is unmatchable. But the cold air of this weather is always a tough season for the skin and hair.

During winter, hair begins to lose its silky look and is unable to be stylized. Dryness of cold air and constant friction with sweaters, coats, and hats, make the hair lose its ability to keep its moisture. This dehydrates the hair and makes them weak, brittle, and prone to damage. And not to mention the frizz and static, which often comes with your winter wardrobe.

To keep a fabulous mane all year long, you need to take proper care of this. Here are some hair care tips that will not only save you from buying multiple cosmetic products but will also make your strands look perfect.

1.  Minimize The Usage Of Shampoo

No doubt, shampoo cleanses the dirt from your hair and using it every now and then is great. But it also takes the natural moisture of your hair and makes it look dry and dull. Cut down the usage of shampoo, and minimize it by using only twice a week. This will help in restoring the natural moisture of your locks so that it won’t look any dry or dull.

If your hair gets stickier in winter, then use a dry shampoo to keep your follicles look fresh and more robust when needed.

2.  Double The Use Of Conditioner

Hydrating and moisturizing the scalp is the title of the winter hair care game. Static hair is a common occurrence in winters that don’t want us to enjoy styling our locks. Moisturizing your hair with the deep conditioner after using shampoo is a must, especially in winters.  Using a deep conditioner or leave-in treatment will refill moisture and battle the impact of the hot styling devices, indoor heating, and chilly winter conditions.

3.  Stop Frequent Washing Of Your Hair

The cold air of the winter dehydrates the scalp and tresses. Frequent washing of hair makes it lose the moisture. As we mentioned earlier, hair badly needs the moisture in winter. And if you are the one who takes a bath regularly and has the itchy or dry scalp, then you must know the reason now. Try to extend the time between your washes as more as you can to avoid the damaged hair.

4.  Turn Down The Temperature Of Water

We know that a hot shower on a cold day feels just like a therapy that refreshes you. But just like cold and dry air, hot water also zaps the moisture from your hair and makes your tresses more brittle and vulnerable to breakage. Setting a temperature to lower or washing your hair with lukewarm water can minimize this problem. If you feel like indulging yourself in a hot bath, then make sure you wear a shower cap.

5.  Treat Your Hair With Oil

Your scalp becomes drier in the winter season, which can cause dandruff and itchy skin. Sometimes, in the worse scenario, the increase in dandruff can lead to hair fall. So when the winter rages on your scalp, then restores the moisture of your strands with oil-based treatments. Treating your locks with natural oils like olive and coconut oil, in winters is a safe way to fight dry hair. Oiling not only moisture and nourishes the hair but also stimulates hair growth and keeps them clean.

6.  Avoid The Use Of Heat Styling Devices

As enjoyable as curling, straightening, and blow-drying is, it may still create trouble for your hair. Most of the heat styling devices catch the moisture from the strands and leave the hair weak. Weaker follicles are a primary cause of hair breakages. Let your hair embrace the natural air-dryer, whenever possible. Avoid the use of straightener and hairdryer, especially during winters.

7.  Avoid Going Out With Wet Hair

You certainly don’t want to, but still, be aware that damp and moistened strands are more vulnerable to the damage than dry hair. Leaving home with the wet hair will freeze the follicles of your hair and damages it. If you don’t have time for your hair to dry naturally, then you can use blow dryers. Since styling with hot devices already zap the moisture, and you probably don’t want to use it in winters, so you can use it with the cold settings on it.

8.  Trim Your Hair

Winter is a weather that is supposed to be the best season of styling up with all those jackets and pretty looking mufflers. Make your styling game a little stronger with a haircut. Not only the hair cut to enhance your style, but it also improves hair growth by getting rid of the split ends.  Trimming your hair every 4 to 8 weeks is an outstanding habit of keeping your strands look clean and soft.

9. Bring a humidifier

When the cold, dry air absorbs the moisture of your hair outside of your house, heaters, and radiators inside also dry out your strands. To combat this, bring a reliable humidifier to your home. It will not only rehydrate the air but will also make your strands look more lustrous.

10.  Cover Your Head

During the winter months, it is significant to cover your hair, so it is protected from dry air, cold, snow, and rain. But using the headcovers made of wool, cotton, and other gross fabrics may cause split ends and breakage. Instead, using scarfs made of silk or satin material can help in preventing the damage. Lining your warm winter caps and using a pillowcase of such material can also be beneficial for your hair follicles.

I hope these hair care hacks will make your locks remain damage-free this winter. If you know about any other tip, let us know in the comment section below.

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