10 Most Outrageous Luxury Motorhomes In The World

10 Most Outrageous Luxury Motorhomes In The World

Building a home is not easy, but having a home on the wheel is far more complicated. Average travelers who go on annual trips prefer to travel by plane. But those who have to travel more often would like to take the comfort of their homes with them. Yes! The motor homes. There are few luxury motorhomes in the world for the community of collectors who demand the best in luxury accommodations where ever they go. These motor homes are either owned by the billionaires or by the actors who have to travel more often. Such luxury land yachts, fitted with incredible interior and technological features, will allow them to ride like a rock star.

If you want to know about those land yachts, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of the most outrageous luxury motorhomes in the world. Just have a look!

1. Marchi Mobile EleMMent Palazzo

Cost:  $3 Million

Image Source: elitereaders

This most luxury motorhome, EleMMent Palazzo, has been built by the Austrian RV maker Marchi. The futuristic external appearance of EleMMent Palazzo alone is enough to let the world know that something extraordinary is roaming in the area. Not only the exterior, but the interior of this motorhome gets even better when you go onboard in this super luxury RV. Inside, you can find a master bedroom, a bathroom, rainfall shower, 13-foot-long sofa, fridge, a wine cellar, an ice machine, and an open kitchen area. There is also a huge living space. The vehicle has its own cover story, powered by an automatic elevator that raises the level of the roof until the wall-in deck is completed. This is not just a motorhome, but it is more like a motor mansion.

2. 2020 Elegant Lady #858

Cost: $2.65 Million

Image Source: loveproperty

2020 Elegant Lady #858 has an outstanding architecture that actually redefines the theme of luxury mobile living. This model provides a 5-star quality of luxurious fittings. Elegant Lady has advanced features including, Volvo D13 Engine, a special Birdseye 360 exterior camera, heated floors that are powered by iPad Air interface control. The interior has premium cabinets, aesthetically pleasing ceiling styles with the latest smart technology system. The entire interior is designed using the paint range of crisp blacks, soft metallic and earthy sage colors that make this mobile home looks like a penthouse.

3. The Furrion Elysium

Cost: $2.5 Million

Image Source: pinterest

Furrion is a Tech Company in Hong Kong and is famous for manufacturing high-end technology products for automobiles and homes. They revolutionized the RV world by steeping in with a motor home having a retractable rooftop helipad. Yes, this motor yacht has a helipad! The extreme luxury of this 45-foot high-tech motor home does not end here as it also has a cinema-style TV room, wine fridge, fireplace, hot tub, full kitchen, master bedroom, and a smart toilet. Furrion also has the touchscreens almost eevrywhere for a truly premium experience.

4. The Featherlite Vantar Platinum Plus

Cost: $2.5 Million

Image Source: richandloaded

This royal RV has its own slide-out garage on, allowing the owner to take a sports car to the road. The interior of Featherlite Vantar Platinum Plus has a luxury touch with the marble floor, the custom made sculpture, and the ceilings are surrounded by Swarovski crystals. Featherlite also features an integrated treadmill, a Plasma TV that stands from the floor in front of a double bed, a designer decanter, and glassware take this motor yacht to another level.

5. The Heat (Will Smith’s trailer)

Cost: $2.5 Million

Image Source: pinterest

The heat is an expandable two-story motorhome. This custom made luxury motor mansion was built by Anderson Mobile Estates for the Hollywood star, Will Smith. He commissioned the 1,200-square-foot land yacht so that he would have somewhere to stay after a long day of shooting. Built on a 22-wheel trailer with 14 Televisions, this motor home of 30 tons has a state-of-the-art theater for 30 people. The Heat is more like a technological mansion because you can make a second floor by raising the roof up to 42 inches just by pushing a button.

6. 2020 Marathon Coach #1304

Cost: $2.25 Million

Image Source: opera

Marathon coaches are a well-known luxury range of mobile homes. Ranges from $1.8 million to $2.5 million, these luxury coaches are well equipped with bright LED lights and a lot of smart home technologies, including floor heat, and many other stunning amenities.

Amongst them, 2020 Marathon Coach #1304 H3-45 was recently sold with a whopping price tag of 2.25 million dollars. This luxury mobile home has a perfect entertaining space that boasts a super sleek design, featuring monochrome textures, leathers, white, blue, and red highlights.

7. The Liberty Coach Fairfax Edition

Price: $2.2 Million

Image Source: pinterest

The Fairfax is the latest version of Liberty Coach. It has a high-end entertainment system and technology to offer passengers every imaginable comfort. The exterior of this motor home looks look breathtakingly beautiful. While the interior of Fairfax has two storage areas, an e-center 60-inch outside Screen, and a walnut rack. In addition to this, it also provides a custom programming system to monitor many features of the home, such as the audio and video facilities, heated floors, air conditioning and LED lighting with the iPad.

8. 2020 Newell Coach p50

Cost: $1.8 Million

Image Source:

Newell is a company, based in Oklahoma, and is famous for selling its luxury vehicles including the motorhomes. They sold a 45-foot long motor home in 2015 with a whopping price tag of 1.8 million dollars. The motorhome was having a different luxury custom made option in it only to make the owner get the feel of the home. These include a washer and dryer, many LED TVs, a patio marbling, 120 convection oven, Wolf two-burner induction, and many other things.

9. Prevost H3-45 VIP

Cost: $1.7 Million

Image Source: insider

The Prevost H3-45 VIP is not only one of the most outrageous luxury motorhomes in the world, but having a shell of 12 feet 5 inches, it is also the tallest. Prevost H3-45 VIP has the highest level of capacity on a personalized conversion with a storage container of 497 cubical feet. Its exterior is crafted with precision-molded fiber composite. However, the interior of the motorhome has a wood floor, modern furnishings, desk, and elegant marble tables.

10. 2020 Foretravel ih-45

Cost: $1.45 Million

Image Source: Campingwood

The Foretravel ih-45 is a customizable and unique motor mansion designed to experience the smooth rides on the road. The motorhome features everything from a laundry/dryer, to a fun-service center outside that is incorporated vacuum to a king-size bed. The master bedroom has a large mounted TV with storage behind with an option of the option of walnut or African mahogany cabinetry. Luxury does not end here as it has four rooftops A/Cs and build-in aircraft technology, chassis to reduce road noise.

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