10 Things You Did Not Know About Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the world’s most impressive island countries with tremendous developments in recent years. This pearl nation of the Arabian Gulf is attracting tourist from around the world. Not only is the country full of modern development, but it also has a rare combination of qualities that makes it a very unique Arabian country. From the incredible architecture to plush hotels and cosmopolitan bars, the nation offers almost everything to its visitors. In addition to this, the rich culture and history of this beautiful nation also attract those who visit.

Bahrain is one of the smallest countries in Asia that is located in the same archipelago in the Persian Gulf. The country boasts an area of about 765.3 per square kilometres and is home to over 1.569 million inhabitants. Bahrain is a naturally blessed country and is famous for its oil, pearl, and for hosting the stunning heritage. However, besides these well-known facts, the ancient country holds a lot of secrets which are still unknown to many people. So, we have decided to make today’s article about this incredible nation that will highlight some fun facts about this country as well.

So with that, here are ten things you did not know about Bahrain.

1.The country Has many Islands

No doubt Bahrain is an Island country, but many people believe that the land is only comprised of one island. But this is not the reality. The country is actually an archipelago of almost 84 stunning islands. The country once boasts 33 islands, but later the state reclaimed other islands too. Some of these are also counted in the list of disappearing islands in the world. The Jarada Island of Bahrain is actually a strip of sift-soft white sand which can only be visited during the low tides. This beautiful island usually disappears with the rise in the water level in the Persian Gulf.

2.The Country Has No Neighbors

Unlike several other countries in the world, have no land borders with any other country. This island country is floating own it’s on in the Persian Gulf. However, to improve the links with the other nations, the state decided to build a series of bridges in 1981. The King Fahd Causeway Bridge now links Bahrain with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its construction was completed in five years, and it was officially opened for the public in 1986. Saudi Arab is not only Country Bahrain is linked up with, as it also constructing the linked up bridge with the state of Oman.

3.It Has A Monarchy Government

After signing the treaty of friendship and gaining independence in 1971, Bahrain hosted as a state. But the country’s politics shifted to the constitutional monarchy in 2002 by Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. He declared himself as the king of the state, and the country was renamed as the Kingdom of Bahrain. The country is currently working as a constitutional monarchy where the government is appointed by the King of Bahrain.

4.It is Home to One of the Oldest Trees in the World

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Bahrain is a desert country that experiences a lot of dust storms. With a little rain, the average climate of the land is scorching. However, despite these factors, it is home to one of the oldest trees in the world. The locals of the country have named this magical tree as The Tree of Life. This 400-year-old tree is not only the longest but also has a height of 9.75 meters (32 feet). This Prosopis cineraria tree is one of Bahrain’s major tourist attractions and draws around 50,000 tourists per year.

5.The Country Was Invaded Many Times

Bahrain is one of those countries that were invaded many times by several kingdoms and empires. From the Babylon Empire to the Assyrian Kingdom, the country has attracted many different realms. It was also invaded by the Portuguese who ruled the country from 1521 to 1602. During the 19th century, this island country was ruled by the British Empire, and the reign was ended in 1971.

6.The Country Has A Series Of Bridges

The national Flag of Bahrain is of red colour with the white stripes in the right that indicate the truce. This national flag was the biggest in the world in 2004 and was also listed in the Guinness world record. The territory of Bahrain also has one of the biggest mosques in the world. The Al-Fateh Grand Mosque is not only the biggest in the country, but its incredible architecture attracts many of the tourists from the world.

7.It Boasts A High Level Of Literate Females

Bahrain is one of the most innovative nations with a high Human Development Index. However, it still follows one of the ancient education systems in the Arabian Peninsula. The state is not only offering free education to its citizen, but it is also compulsory. Due to this fact, the country has a high level of female literacy than some of the neighbouring countries.

8.It Is Home To The 150-year Old Monument

As the country was invaded by several kingdoms, its territory hosts many heritage sites.  One of the most important cultural sites is the La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art monument. According to the archaeologists, the history of this masterpiece dates back to a hundred and fifty years. Along with this monument, the Bahrain Fort is also one of the oldest as its history dates back to the ancient capital of the Dilmun era.

9.The Nation Is The Biggest User Of Electricity

Bahrain is one of the most developing countries and has a high-income economy. The nation is quite innovative and has also increased power generation capacity. In fact, according to a recent report, the country has the biggest per-capita consumer of electricity in Asia. However, if we talk about the countries in the world, it stands at the third position in the list of most power-thirsty states.

10.   It Is One of The Largest Pearl Capital

Before becoming famous for oil, the nation of Bahrain was recognised for its pearl mining industry. Though the pearls are still considered as one of the most valuable in the world, yet it holds more value than diamonds during the 18th and 19th century. The pearl industry of this island country severely affected when Japan introduced its cultured pearls on the island.

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