10 Things you Did Not Know About Canada

10 Things you Did Not Know About Canada

Canada is the second-largest country after Russia and is situated in the northern part of America. This vast country is famous in the world for its various picturesque landscapes and sights.  Surrounded by three oceans and costliness, the unique blend of nature makes this country the best destination for holidays and one of the world’s most magical place to live.

Canada has a population of more than 37 million with the second happiest nation in the world. According to a survey, the country covering 9.98 million square kilometers is rated the safest country for women. This is the reason why Canada is attracting people from all over the world and is declared as one of the best places to live in the world. But before making a trip to Canada or moving there, you might want to know all about the country. So with that, here are ten things that you did not know about Canada.

1.     Longest Coastline

The Great White North has three oceans, the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Arctic Ocean. So, being surrounded by three shores, Canada has the longest coastline than any other country in the world. It is so long that even if you keep walking along the shoreline, it will take approximately half a year to finish without taking rest or stopping for anything. And to put this impressive context into reality, Canada has a total coastline of about 202,080 km. However, the entire shoreline of the whole world is roughly 356,000 km.

2.     Land Of Lakes

Just like the coastline, Canada has more land surface that is covered by lakes than any other country in the world. Including smaller ponds, there are around 3 million lakes in The Great White North. There are about 563 lakes that have an area larger than 100 square kilometers. When combined, all these freshwater lakes make about 20% of the natural water of the world.

3. The Only walled City In North America

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Quebec City is the only city in Canada with a specific wall around it. It is often called a bit of Old Europe on American soil, and its fortifications were built between the 17th and the 19th centuries by the French and English. The entire city of Quebec, including the barriers, has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

4.     Canadians Love Pasta

Though pasta is an Italian dish, yet it is consumed more by the Canadians. Yes, the residents of this immense country love having pasta, and almost all restaurants must have a pasta section on their menu. Not only pasta, but people also like to pick the one with the cheese on it. The national dish of Canada is Poutine, which is also loaded with a lot of cheese curves or gravy on French fries. Canadians consume pasta 55% more than any other nation worldwide.

5.     Santa Claus Is The Resident Of Canada

Well, we all know that Santa does not exist, correct? However, according to the Canadian Government, he is apparently a citizen of The Great White North. In 2008, the Minister of Immigration of Canada declared Santa to be a full Canadian citizen. In fact, if any child who sends a letter in any language to the North Pole receives back a message from Santa. The government says that children can write a letter to Santa Claus using the address “North Pole, H0H0H0.”

6.     Home To The Bears

There are about 25,000 wild bears in the world, and about 15,000 are founded in the northern parts of Canada. In fact, the number of bears in the remote Churchill Manitoba is almost the same as that of humans. People living in Churchill are taught how to respond in any case if the bear attacks. However, there is also a particular prison for the bears to prevent the locals from getting attacked. For additional precautions, people leave their cars open, to offer an escape for pedestrians who might encounter Polar Bears.

7.     Canadians Are Peace-Loving Nation

The second happiest nation of the world is also very famous for its pleasant, friendly, and kind behaviors. They are uncompetitive for their polite ways and tolerance. They usually act very well in public, and you will never see a Canadian breaking any law. In fact, if any of them find themselves defensive, they will say sorry, even if there is no need for apologies!

Not only the resident, but the government also prevails peace. Since 1984, Canada has not had weapons of mass destruction, and the government has also expressed its disapproval. The police also promote unity and friendliness among the residents by granting “good cards” to the people doing good deeds. Canada also shares the longest border of the world with the second most powerful nuclear country. Despite all these factors, there is no military on the border between America and Canada.

8.     Canada Has Extreme Temperatures

Canada has a misconception of having an extreme cold. No doubt, the country gets pretty cold in winters, and the temperature drops to minus, but the scale rises equally in summers as well. Some parts of Canada observe quite hot and humid temperatures in summers, especially during July. While for the winters, the average temperature of January is about -14.

In 1947, the lowest recorded temperature of Canada was equaled to the cold of Mars. Yes, it was reported -64 in a remote village of Snag.

9.     Canada Has two official Languages

Canada is a multicultural society and has a variety of people from different cultures with different languages. This is why, unlike any other country, Canada has two official languages, English and French. The majority of people speak English while the mother tongue of almost 21% of the residents is French. But it is compulsory for the students to take the language course of both English and French in schools.

10.     The Most Educated Country In The World

Canada is declared as the best-educated country in the world, where more than half of adults have a college education. By beating Japan, Canada is ranked as the most qualified nation in the world, with 56,27 percent of higher education adults beating Japan. Although the country has a large proportion of highly qualified people, yet only a few go above the graduation point

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