10 Things You Did Not Know About China

China is the most fascinating country with the oldest civilization in the world. Its identity is built over 3,000 years, and this is why it is so rich in heritage and culture. Geographically, the country is the third-largest country, having a population of about 1.4 billion. It is the most populated country in the world and is famous for its weird rules. However, with this population, China is the second-largest economy in the world. Its economic growth is increasing the number of billionaires in the country as well.

Besides that, there are many fascinating things in China.  This most populated country is so far the most unique, the weirdest, and the most exciting country in the world. Just as the US was often referred to as the country of limitless opportunities, China is a country of infinite surprises. With that, here are ten things you did not know about China.

1.The Only Time Zone

The total area of China is about 9.6 million km, which is a size near to America. Despite being the largest country that spans over five time zones, only one time zone is used in the country. So, according to the Chinese standard time, if its 3 pm in Beijing, it will also be 3 pm almost 3,000 miles away in Kashgar. And because of this weird time zone problem, the residents of the capital city in the westernmost province of China, Xinjiang, observe the sunset in the middle of the night. This leads to problems for airports, colleges, and railway stations, which now have an odd schedule to follow.

2.Chinese Railways Are Incredible

Traveling from one place to another in one of the largest countries requires a potential, but definitely not for a country like China. The high-speed trains are usually faster than traveling in airplanes in China. Shanghai Maglev is the fastest train in the world that can travel 431 km/hr (267 mph). Due to the popular service of trains in China, it has now widely developed across the country. The tracks are so expanded that they can loop around the earth.


Chinese is the only national language of China. Unlike others, the Chinese language does not have any alphabet in it. In fact, there are more than 20,000 distinct characters in the Chinese language. Lacking alphabets makes it one of the most complicated forms to learn. But, it is the longest continuously used written language of the world. The 8,600-year-old tortoiseshell that was carved with the Chinese character proved that the history of Chinese writing was dating from around 9,000 years ago.

4.Football Was Invented By Chinese

Many historians think soccer came from China. The game named ‘Tsu  Chu,’ which means ‘kicking ball’ was first played 2,300 years ago, and is considered as the earliest soccer game by FIFA. However, the format of the game was a little different, and it was played among the soldiers to maintain their physical fitness. Later, the game changed into football. The first soccer ball was also made of leather, but it was filled with feathers and hair.

5.China Is Building A New Skyscraper

China has astonished the world with its fastest, quirkiest, and most impressive construction boom. Budget chain Hanting Inns is the biggest hotel chain in the world and is boasting two hotel openings per day, across the country. The construction companies in China are also working impressively, and this is why the cities are rapidly changing, and every five days, on average, there is a new skyscraper.

6.Identifying With Family Names

Chinese have their own tradition of presenting themselves. Unlike any other nation, the citizens of China introduce themselves with their family names. Even for writing or for filling forms, they put their family name first, which is then followed by their given name. Chinese people consider it a polite gesture if you call them with their family names and honorary titles like Xian1, Sheng1, etc. However, this tradition for married females is different, as any married female is not allowed to use the family name of their husbands.

7.Elderly Rights Law

There is a law in China for the aged parents and is known as ‘The Elderly Rights Law.’ The bill that was passed in 2013, declares that children will respect for the spiritual needs of their parents, and will “never neglect or snub elderly people.” According to this law, it is unethical not to visit parents who are over 60 years old. If any Chinese disobey this law, he may be fined or imprisoned. The bill for elders tackles the massive problem of aged people by ordering young adults to meet their older parents regularly.

8.Building A City Twice The Size Of Manhattan

As we mentioned earlier that China has beaten every other country in the race of economy except for the US. However, many statics have claimed that with the fast-growing economy, China is near to surpass the US as well. Just like the economy, China has plans to beat America in the race of most advanced cities, by building a town that will be twice the size of Manhattan. At a total expected are of about 772 square miles, China is building a whole new “green, modern and liveable” city called Xiong’an. The Xiong’an New Area is actually President Xi’s Dream City. It will be completed in 2025 and will cost China around RMB 4 trillion (US$580 billion) to build.

9.A Huge Population Of China Still Live In Caves

A country with the second-largest economy, there are still 30 million people living in caves. The majority of those Chinese cave dwellers live in the Shaanxi province, Yan’an. The people have to live in the caves because they are poor enough to build houses. However, most of the caves have all the facilities including, wirings, plumbing, with multiple rooms, and even have lawns.

10.The Largest Dam that Slow Down The Rotation Of Earth

Image Source: Britannica

When the world was getting amazed by the Eiffel Tower, the Forth Bridge or the Hoover Dam, China astonished them with Three Gorges Dam as their engineering marvel. It is the largest hydroelectric dam in the world with a width of 1.4 miles (2.3 kilometers) and 630 feet (192 meters) of height. The dam has a reservoir of the size of Bahrain and can hold 39.3 cubic kilometers of water.

However, building a massive dam has become one of China’s greatest environmental nightmares. Building the Three Gorges Dam has raised a whole load of river water up to 175 meters, so the moment of equilibrium of the earth is now changed. The ecologists say this dam is causing landslides in china and changing entire ecosystems.

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