10 Things You Did Not Know About Germany

Germany is located in the heart of the old continent and is the most laced up center of Europe.  Because of the Second World War, this country has a rich but troubled historical background. But Germany has become a developed country and is famous for its beautiful landscapes, friendly locals, unique art, and music scene as well as for its traditional food.

Germany is the sixth largest and the second most populated country in the European region. The country has 16 states and holds the power of being one of the largest economies in the world. It is rich in culture and is one of the European must-visit countries. More than twenty-five million people visit Germany to explore its stunning buildings, fascinating museums, and wondrous landscapes each year.

Usually, whenever we mention Germany, Hitler, the Berlin Wall, and WWII are the first things people think about. But the reality is different, as Germany is now one of the most advanced countries in the world and has many exciting things that you might not know. This is why today, we have compiled a list of ten things you did not know about Germany.

1.Country of The Castles

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Germany is an ancient country, and it has a variety of impressive castles. The landscape of this country is dotted with more than 20,000 castles.  Most of them are 1000 years old and have turned into museums, restaurants, hotels, etc.  Besides the somewhat controversial attempt to revive the ancient castles of the country, many of them are still open for the public. One of the most famous and photographed castles in Germany is Neuschwanstein. This castle in the Bavarian Alps was the inspiration behind the famous Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle.

2.Baking 1500 Varieties Of Bread

For the residents of Germany, bread is more than just a part of the daily snack. Baking bread belongs to their culture, and there are more than 1500 types of bread in the country. From dark rye dough in the north to the lighter wheat loaf in the south, each region bakes its own kind of loaves of bread. What more even interesting is that there are two bread museums in the Ulm and Ebergötzen cities of Germany.

3. It is Illegal To run Out Of Fuel On The Highway

Germany is known for its weird but strict rules. For example, it is illegal to smoke in public, but it is legal to drink in the country. The same way, Germany has its own laws for its roadways. There is no speed limit while racing on the German highways, but if you run out of fuel, you will be considered a small-time law-breaker. So, if the police spot any parked car with an empty tank on the highway, then the driver will be fined or suspended for up to six months. Similarly, it is also illegal to walk or work on the road system and can be fined for around EUR 90.

4.Germany is still covered by bombs

Image Source: DW

After almost 72 years, this beautiful country still holds the sad memories of World War II. Its 2019, and the thousands of warheads are still discoveries in the country.

5.Sunday Stock

Germany is full of vibrant markets where there are endless things to eat, see, and do but only from Monday to Saturday. This is because the shops, supermarkets, and even the pharmacies are closed on Sundays. Opening hour’s legislation has been implemented in Germany for a very long time, and the people are very strict with no shopping rule on Sundays. This concept was basically adopted as a smart way to prevent individuals from disturbing the weekends of one another. This is why drilling is also prohibited on Sundays, along with any other kind of noise pollution.

6.Universal Place Of Worship

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Besides the dramatic history, Germany has declared to build a commonplace of worship for Muslims, Hindus, and Jews. The place is called ‘Berline House Of One’ and has a separate mosque, a synagogue, and a church. There is has a big hill in the center of the building, known as a communal room. This hall was designed for the people of different religions to sit together and learn more about the beliefs of each other.

7.  Germans Are Leading Book Generation

Germany has a revolutionary history of books and magazines. The first magazine of the world, Erbauliche Months-Unterredungen, was published from this country.  Most of the residents of Germany are book readers. This is why the country is publishing around 94,000 titles every day. Germany is also home to The International Frankfurt Book Fair, which is considered as the most important event for the publishing of international books. In fact, the revolution in the movable printing world was also invented in Germany.

8.  Capital Of Germany Has Changed 7 Times

In Germany, capital power changed between the different cities from the Middle Ages through to modern times. Firstly Aachen used to be the capital of Germany during the Carolingian times. During these years, the capitals changed from Regensburg to Cologne, to Nuremberg, to Berlin, and then to Weimar and Bonn. And since 1990, Berlin is the capital of Germany.

9.  Education Is Free

Unlike the other countries, where you have to spend a fortune on education, it is absolutely free in Germany. From primary to secondary and even to higher education, all state schools and universities are open in Germany. This facility of free education is not only for the residents of Germany but also for international students.

10.East and West Berlin Look Different From Space

Image Source: Businessinsider

Germany was split between East and West when the conflict between the US and West mounted over Russia. A brick was built to separate East and West Berlin that stayed for 10,316 days. The wall was demolished after the end of the cold war. However, the two parts of the city still look different from space because of the different street lights. The view from space of these two parts of the city is attracting more differences than similarities.

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