10 Things You Did Not Know About Hungary

Hungary is one of the most beautiful and dynamic countries in the world. Although it is not one of the famous destinations, yet it has many things to offer its visitors from around the world. The country has a myriad of charm, so it is now steadily attracting a growing number of tourists. It has an ideal mix of history and modern times that will surprise, amaze, and delight you. From its fairy tale architecture to abundant thermal springs and to its enchanting folklore-steeped history, Hungary is quite a unique country. Besides all these treasures, the country also has a rich cultural heritage that never fails to fascinate whoever comes to this fascinating country.

Hungary is a European country that occupies a strategic position between the mainland routes between Western Europe and the Balkan Peninsula. It shares its border with seven other countries including, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, Austria, and Slovenia. The total area of this country is about 93,030 per square kilometer that homes to more than 9.773 million population. One of the astounding factors about their citizen is that they are very hospitable to their visitors.

The nation was once a part of the Soviet Union but escaped its shadow in 1956. It is an ancient country and holds includes several fascinating details which most people do not know about. So, we have decided to make today’s article about this incredible nation that will highlight some fun facts about this country as well.

So with that, here are ten things you did not know about Hungary.

Its language Is One Of The Most difficult languages

The official language of the country is Hungarian, which is a truly unique language.  It is also known as Magyar as it was originated from the ancestors of the Magyar tribes who founded Hungary.  Hungarian is quite different from other European languages and has 44 alphabets.  But what more astounding is that it has some letters in it that are composed of more than one word. This is why it is considered one of the most tricky languages to learn, especially for foreigners.

It Is A Landlocked Country

Hungary is a landlocked country and does not have territory connected to any of the World Ocean. However, the country still has its own sea, as it is home to the largest lake in Europe. Lake Balaton is spread on 600 square kilometers of land, and this is why it is referred to as the Hungarian Sea. Therefore the citizens flock to its shores and enjoy beach holiday here.

The Hungarian Nation Is Pretty Inventive

Hungarians are one of the most innovative nations and have introduced the world with many advanced discoveries. One of the remarkable inventions is Rubik’s Cube, which was invented by sculptor and professor Erno Rubik. The krypton electric bulb was made by physicist Imre Brody and biro by journalist László Bíró. Along with these, they also invented ballpoint pens, holography, and legendary Volkswagen Beetle was also designed by the Hungarian engineer.

Its Capital Has The Highest Number Of Thermal Springs In The World

Hungary is famous all over the world for its natural thermal water springs. There are more than 1,000 direct water sources, and most of them are found in the capital, Budapest. In fact, the largest warm lake in the world, Hévíz, is also located in this city. The water of this lake has several medicinal properties for rheumatic diseases and a series of pains. According to research, the capital raises more than 70 million liters of thermal water to the surface of the earth each day. Besides this, Budapest has the oldest metro and also has the second-largest synagogue in the world.

It Has One Of The Largest Parliament In The World

Along with some natural treasure, the Hungarian parliament is also one of the biggest. The state is home to the 3rd largest parliament building in the world, which has 691 rooms. Quite shocking, isn’t it? But you will be more surprised to know that the staircase of this parliament is 20 kilometers long. And for its interior decoration, 23-carat gold was used by the Hungarian state.

The Country Has Hundreds Of Public Spas And Bathhouses

As we stated earlier that Hungary is a landlocked country, but the nation has an extreme fascination with water.  Bathing culture in Hungarians has actually existed since Roman times, and this is why Hungary has more than hundreds of spas and bathhouses than any other country.

On a rough count, there are more than 1,500 spas, which includes 450 from the public sector as well.

Parents Are Not Allowed To Name Their Children

Now, this is one of the most astounding facts about Hungary that will probably shock you. Although the state offers one of the most elegant lifestyles to its citizens, yet they are not allowed to name the newborn without getting it approved by the government. But for the ease, the Hungarian state has provided a list of names so that parents can choose from it.

Clinking Beer Glasses Or Bottles Is Considered Rude

Another bizarre thing about Hungarians is that they don’t clink their glass of beer. In fact, even if any foreigner also does that in front of Hungranians, they will consider it rude. According to the legend, during the revolution of 1848, thirteen Hungarian soldiers died. And to celebrate the win, Austrians clinked with beer, which seemed rude to the Hungarians. So, they decided that they would not tinkle the beer for 150 years.  Although the time has passed, yet it was so profoundly rooted in their culture that citizens are already adhering.

The Country Was Home To Some Exceptional Nobel-Awarded Inventors

Hungarians have given so many modern inventions to the world, and this is why the nation host more prizes than many other famous countries in the world. Currently, 13 Hungarian geniuses are awarded by the Nobel-prize in almost all categories except ‘Peace.’ One of the most famous Noble price holders is Bárány Róbert, Albert Szent-Györgyi, John Harsanyi, Polányi János, George Andrew Olah and Imre Kertész.

The Hungarian Cow Boys Are Different

Early Hungarians arrived in Europe on horseback, and the people still love to carry the heritage of their ancestors. Especially the Hungarians from the Great Plain (Puszta) take the attire of are traditional cowboys. However, the cowboys of this country are a little different as they live with their herds and prepare their food in the open air.

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