10 Things You Did Not Know About London

London is the most popular and iconic city in the world that boosts a wealth of culture and history. Its rich and fairytale-like history can be seen in its architectural masterpieces and in some larger-than-life landmarks. With its vibrant streets, red busses, and antique telephone boxes in every street, it is the most famous and heavily visited city of the world.  According to the BBC report, it was the most visited city in the world, with more than 17 million visitors in 2014.

Being one of the most famous cities in the world, almost every one of us has seen its regal landmarks and monuments on TV or in several movies. However, because of its numerous happenings, this capital city is full of mysteries and many interesting facts. This is why today we are here with a list of ten things that you probably don’t know about London.

1.Largest Urban Forest

London is the largest urban forest with more than 8 million trees. This means the city has one tree for each Londoner. The capital of the UK is literally classified as a forest having 3,000 parks, which total 35,000 acres! According to a report of 2019, the city was declared a National Park City, as it covers 47% green with all the woods, gardens, and parks.

Having a variety of parks offers the city with several kinds of animal species as well. According to a report, almost 10,000 foxes are living in London.

2.Less Rainfall

You will be surprised to know this thing about London. We all know the British capital for its gloomy, rainy weather. Most of the people are also seen carrying umbrellas all year long because there is always the chance of a pesky shower. However, the reality is different. The city often gets cloudy, and it rains sometimes, but there is no much precipitation that falls as you might think. In fact, London has an annual average rainfall of 583.6 millimeters, which is quite less than that of Rome, Istanbul, Paris, Barcelona, Sydney, and New York.

3.Inside The Tower Of London

Image Source: BBCnews

Do you know that Charles II directed his guards to carry a group of six ravens into the London Tower for some superstitious reasons? Well, it is often said that Charles II kept those ravens because he believed that they would protect against falling down the tower. The wings of the raven were also clipped so they won’t fly. In fact, for additional measures, there was an extra raven in case anyone of them flew away. After the Charles II ruling, the superstitious beliefs continued active, and it is believed that these ravens are still present inside of the Tower of London.

4.Smallest City In England

London is one of the smallest cities in the United Kingdom, with a population of just over 7,300. The capital covers only 1.2miles and has a group of many villages that combines together.  However, under the administrative district of Greater London, which is an English region, covers the area of 606 square miles. So, it is large enough to squeeze in New York four times over and has a population of about 8.3 million. While many people also believe that if London were a country, then it would probably be the most powerful country in Europe.


There is no other city in the world that is more unique than London, because of its cultural diversity. People of different nationalities come from several parts of the world, and they all follow their ancestral practices and speak in their mother tongue. Because of this incredible diversity in cultures, over 300 languages are spoken in the British Capital. So if you visit London, there is a great opportunity that you might find someone on your trip to communicate in your native language.

6.Most Expensive City

London is the most expensive city in the world with the highest number of billionaires in it. Yes, more than 80 billionaires live in the capital and represent 80% of all billionaires living in the UK. Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, and Notting Hill are the most expensive neighborhoods in the British Capital. Although the rating criteria quite different from place to place, so if you want to stay well in the capital city of Great Britain, then you will need a lot of money.

7.The Palace of Westminster

Besides being the most expensive city in the world, London also offers some of the cheaper places with the most luxurious ambiance. The Palace of Westminster is not only recognized for its beautiful architecture, but it also has some super cheap restaurants, shops, hair salons, bars, and a rifle-shooting range for the adventure junkies.

Another wondrous thing you will find in London is the Cereal Café that sells more than 100 different varieties of cereals from around the world.

8.The Statue of George Washington

Image Source: Trip advisor

Can you imagine London once imported the soil from the USA? Well, not because there is no soil in the city, but only to stand a statue on the loam of the USA.

In 1921, when things finally settled down between the countries, America presented a statue of George Washington to England. It was decided to place in the capital. However, according to the famous statement of George Washington, “I will never set foot in London again,” the figure was decided not to be placed on the ground of the British Capital. This is why the soil was imported from the USA, along with the statue. It was then finally placed in Trafalgar Square in London.

9.Black taxis

Image Source: Financial Times

It is quite a tough job to be a taxi driver in London. All black cab drivers have to pass the extremely complicated geography test, which requires learning of every single street in London. From 320 simple roads to 25,000 different street lines, to 20,000 landmarks in a distance of six miles from Charing Cross, they need to memorize each thing in detail. The test is called “The Knowledge,” and it takes roughly 2-4 years to train to be an official black cab driver.

10.London Museums

Image Source: Fodros Travel Guide

We have already stated that London is a significant cultural and leading capital, so how can we forget to mention its museums on this list? London is home to 170 of the most magnificent museums in the world. From The British Museum to the National Gallery, to the Imperial War Museum, there is no other city in the world that could compete with the British capital in the count of museums.

What even more fascinating about London is, there are about 27 museums that are free to visit by anyone!

No doubt, London is the most enthralling city to visit.

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