10 Things You Did Not Know About Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most famous and versatile countries in the world. This golden country has been in the bucket list of almost every traveler who wants to enjoy some incredible adventure. From its history to its modern-day development, the country has a rich diversity. Millions of travelers come to the country every year to experience its dramatic landscapes, fascinating history, epic food, and pulsating energy. Along with these, the vibrant culture and the local customs of the nation make it one of the most exciting countries in the world.

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country located in the on the Indochina Peninsula. Its area of 331,210 per square kilometer is home to 95.54 million inhabitants. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is one of the most controversial countries that are famous around the world for its war. However, in contrast to this, it still has a nation of peace protests and is home to some of the natural wonders. Just like this, many factors are still unknown to most of the people out there. So, we at Jubroon have decided to reveal those facts to you by making this article. This will also let you understand that it is a place to be found with an array of treasures and surprises to discover.

So with that, here are ten things you did not know about Vietnam.

The Country Has A Shape Of Alphabet

Vietnam is one of the unique countries in the world, not only for hosting the best natural landscape but also because of its shape. It is a thin elongated country, and its shape resembles alphabet S. Vietnam has much folklore related to its northern neighbor China. According to the legend, inhabitants of this land are the emergents of Chinese queen who married “The Dragon Lord of Oceans.”

It Is Home To The Largest Cave In the World

Vietnam is blessed with the natural wonders, and one of the most impressive is that it has one of the largest caves in the world. Son Doong Cave is a recently discovered cave, and it is considered as the biggest cave in the world. This cave was first discovered in 2009, and it contains a cavern so tall that a skyscraper could fit inside it. This is not the only cave in Vietnam as it also has Mammoth caves that hold entire jungles and lakes. These caves even have some of the most impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It Is One Of The Leading exporters Of Cashew Nuts

Agriculture is one of the most common professions of this nation. This profession in Vietnam is extremely labor-intensive, and the people still use the old traditional method for plowing. However, despite this, Vietnam is still the leading producer of cashew nuts and black pepper. According to a report, the nation is producing 339,700 tons of cashew nuts yearly, which makes about 37% of the world’s cashew nuts. This adds to the GDP as these products make a retail turnover of approximately 3 million dollars because of the high quality.

The Nation Has Its Own Unique Coffee

Along with the cashew nut, Vietnam is also one of the leading producers of coffee. In fact, after Brazil, it is the second-largest exporter of coffee in the world and produces up to 10.5% of the world’s coffee.

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Coming back to Vietnam coffee, which is also one of the most favorite drinks of the nation. However, unlike any other country, the coffee culture here is a little different. Vietnamese serve the coffee after brewing it through aluminum filters and then mixed with iced or hot condensed milk. This is the reason why coffee in this country is so unique and taste differently.

Ho Chi Minh Is Still Considered The National Hero

People of Vietnam are a massive fan of Ho Chi Minh – or Uncle Ho and consider him as their hero even after his death. The nation has even mummified and guarded his remains in the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi.  He was proved to be an excellent president who helped his country to become a separate state.

The Nation Has One Of The Most Unique Wines

This is, no doubt, one of the most interesting facts about Vietnam. Almost every country in the world hosts some of the most unique wines, but Vietnam has beaten them all. The state produces a snake wine which is produced by infusing the snake in rice wine. The people of this nation consider this drink medicine, which can be therapeutic and invigorating substances in it can help cure back pain and rheumatism.

Weather Can very Distinctly

Vietnam boasts one of the most significant weather facts on the African continent. Both the south and north of the country has some drastic change in the weather. You can experience some snow in one part of the country while there will be a blazing hot sunny day in the other part of the country. However, if someone wants to explore the complete state, then December to April is considered the best time.

The Literacy Rate In The Country Is High

Vietnam has been recognized as one of the most controversial countries. Still, the employment and literacy rates in the country are giving competition to many other developing countries. According to a report by the World Bank, the nation has one of the lowest unemployment rates of 2.2%. Not only this, but with the literacy rate of 94.5 percent, this nation is also high than many other third world countries.

The State Do Not Use Coins Now

Throughout the world, ten countries do not use coins, and Vietnam is one of them. The state stopped using the coin money after 2014 and use banknotes only. Dong is the currency of Vietnam, and their lowest bill is 200 dong. However, the currency of the state is more confusing because of many zeros in their notes.

The Nation Hosts Most Of The Bicycles

The most popular public transportation in Vietnam is motorbikes as you can see them everywhere in the country. Although transport is only suitable for two peoples, yet the numbers of motorcycles are way more than cars. According to a statement by the ministry of transportation, this small country has more than 60 million motorbikes. Due to the immense number of bikes, the traffic in Vietnam is very dense, and even the pedestrians find it difficult to cross the road.

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