15 Things You Did Not Know About America

Every country of the world has something different that makes it unique for an outside world.  No doubt that the US definitely is one of those places where outsiders have any concerns. It is the powerful, the wonderful, and the vast country that is incredible to explore. From the beaches of Florida to spectacular cities such as New York, the entire country is full of diverse cultures and has many fascinating things to do.

You probably believe you know everything worth knowing about America. However, with the 50 independent states, sixteen territories, and a District of Columbia, there are still some exciting things that you might not know.

So, with that, here is a list of 15 things that you probably did not know about America.

The Mall Of America

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The famous Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, is actually not an American mall. The real owners of this mall are the Triple Five Group, which is based in Edmonton, Canada. This Canadian group of people was the first to propose the idea of building a mall that represents the commercial ethic and values of the United States. This is why they named it ‘The Mall of America’

Independence Day

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We all know that Americans celebrate their independence day with all those fireworks and parades in the whole country on the 4th of July. But in reality, these celebrations of Independence Day are a bit irrelevant. In fact, the actual day when Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence was on the 2 of July. However, John Hancock and 55 other men wrote the first signature on the Declaration of Independence on the 4th.

The Habit Of Eating Pizza

In America, people eat an insane amount of junk food. This is the reason why every 1 out every 3 Americans is obese. One of the surprising facts of the United States is that its people collectively consume 100 acres of pizza every single day. Well, this equivalent of approximately 100 football pitches or maybe the total footprints of the Mall of America.

Russia Sold Alaska to America

Alaska is currently the largest state of the United States. However, it was a part of Russia back in the 19th century. Alaska was sold by Russia in 1867 for pennies. The US purchased it for a total of $7.2 million, which amounts to about 2 cents per acre. Now the state has many national parks, including the highest mountain in the USA, Denali.

The GPS System Of America

Everybody knows about GPS, and it also has many users worldwide. However, few of us know the fact that it has been controlled and maintained by the Air Force of the United States. Being the official owner of the Global Positioning System, America has the power to shut it down at any time.

The Inventor Of Internet

Just like GPS, America is also the inventor of the Internet as well. The Internet’s history was started with the development of electronic computers. However, it was officially begun when the US Department of Defense granted contracts for packet network systems in the early 1960s.

The Candy Desk In Senate

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There is a tradition in the Senate of the US that its floor must have a bench filled with candy. This tradition was started in 1968 by the senator of California, George Murphy. He had a sweet tooth, and despite a no eating rule on the floor, he keeps his desk full of candies. The tradition has continued since and is filled with Illinois candies like Mars bars, Jelly Belly, and Wrigley’s gum regularly.

The Liberty Bell

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Liberty Bell is one of the most symbolic US independence pieces that date back to 1846. The bell is carved word “Pennsylvania” on it, but what makes it interesting is the misspelling with an absence of the letter ‘N’ on it. This century-old Liberty Bell also has a big crack that goes down to the center.

Another interesting fact about this bell is that its strike note has a weigh of whooping 2,080 pounds and has an original tone of E-flat.

The Design Of USA Flag

The fifty star USA flag was a school project of a 17 years old student. Robert G. Heft was the first one who created this American flag in 1958, during his junior year in high school. At first, he received ‘B’ for his project by his teacher, Stanley Pratt. However, when Congress approved his design of the flag, Heft was awarded ‘A.’

Ohio Was Not A State Until 1953

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The state of Ohio was accidentally not admitted into the Union until 1953 when the congressman of Ohio submitted his bill in the US Congress. He demanded from the US congress to retroactively admit his state into the United States of America. Though more than 100 years ago, Thomas Jefferson had already approved the area as president in his tenure, yet the institution was never officially recognized because of an unintended mistake.

Biggest Energy Consumer of The World

According to a report of the 2014 energy consumption, America uses 18% of the world’s energy. The report stated that the total energy consumption globally was 539 quadrillion BTUs and about 98 BTUs have been used in the US.

America Has No Official Language

America is rich in culture and is full of people from different countries. Though English is very familiar in the US, yet you will find people speaking  Spanish and their native language.  Despite being the hub of different voices, the country does not have any official national language at the federal level.

The New York City

New York has a population of 8.6 million people living in an area of 300 square miles. New York is the most populated city of the United States, with more people living in it than in any other state of America.

The longest Cave System in the World

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This amazingly great country is home to the caves.  With an area of 400 miles (643 km), Mammoth Cave National Park has the most elongated cave system in the world. You can also explore the old cave system in a part of the Green River valley, and under the hilly country of south-central Kentucky.

A Hub Of Entrepreneurs And Billionaires

America is often famous as the Land of dreams and opportunities. So it might not be surprising for you to know that the USA holds the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world. And because the country is home to the highest number of businesspeople, it is also a hub of billionaires. According to business insider, with a total count of 705, America is ranked at the top in the list of countries with most billionaires.

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