5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Illuminati

The world is full of many mysteries, which are still shielded from most of the eyes to keep harmony in our otherwise chaotic society. Nearly every conspiracy theory has a list of things to believe and deny. These can b multiple summaries of secret government plans or coded messages of their superiors to help them achieve the wrong objectives.

Among all, the conspiracy of the Illuminati is at the top of the list of many theorists out there. The Illuminati is thought to be the network of the world’s most powerful leaders, traders, entertainers, and businesspeople. These secret societies are believed to regulate and dominate every culture and the life of peoples around the world. On the other hand, many people believe that there are a few grains of reality in this. But whatever the case may be, it has seemed that every investigator has given up his usual job of researching Illuminati’s mysterious schemes or secret societies.

Here are some mind-blowing facts about the Illuminati that you probably wouldn’t know before.

1.  Origin

According to history, Adam Weishaupt, who was a German law professor of the Bavarian university, created a club the order of Perfectibilists, named the Illuminati. Actually, they were a bunch of people, who at the peak of their movement imitated some mysterious symbolization from some of the more famous Secret societies. The initial purpose of creating this group is to educate the members about morality, philanthropic work, and other enlightenment values so that when they came to power, they might influence political decisions.

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2.  Later Illuminati

The Bavarian Illuminati was created with just a group of people who were hardly not more than a hundred in 1776. But with time, it became a community of about 2,500 members. But just after a decade later, in 1785, it was banned by the German leader Karl Theodor. He forbade all the secret societies because he feared the activities of the Illuminati and their influence on local people of that time. Therefore, this underground, power-provoked civilization ceased to exist before the end of the century.

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3.  Secret Societies

After getting banned by the government, the community failed to conduct the message to the local people. However, the reputation of the Illuminati was too strong to vanish. As they were outlawed, some of the prominent members started working secretly. Nonetheless, people wrote books claiming that the Illuminati kept hidden and illegal. Moreover, some people also claimed that some members of the secret societies were responsible for the French revolution. During the Enlightenment period, the cults group came from Europe, which terrified most conservative politicians. They didn’t want any group to rise up against authority, or bring social or political unrest.

4.  The Freemasons and The Illuminati

A lot of people think that the freemasons are the members of The Illuminati, but this is a wrong concept. The freemasons and The Illuminati are different organizations. The origin of Freemason date backs to fourteen century, and the lodges in masonry is a very much real thing. In reality, Weishaupt was initially interested in joining a Masonic lodge, but the group could not able to manage the money for the membership. However, a time later, when the Illuminati gain the height, they started recruiting leaders from the freemason community. The confusion of status arises from the unlimited theory of conspiracy. Since some have identified or combined the Illuminati as a subgroup of the freemasons, people started believing it as the same group of people. But in reality, freemasons and Illuminati often have very different stories and origins.

5.  The ‘All Seeing Eye’

We all have seen that floating eye on the one-dollar bill of America. This symbol is often seen as evidence that the Illuminati run the country. The eye on the back of the notes, very much aligned with the idea that the Illuminati, who have undergone enlightenment, explain it as they have their eyes open and know about all the happenings around the world. The widespread use of eye sign in the US dollar convinced most theoreticians that the secret societies actually control the government. They’ve got spies and “sleepers” all over.  While some of them are the active agents, who work their way even further into the fabric of government and different societies.

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