7 Genius Car Hacks That Make Your Life So Much Easier

Being a car owner is not an easy job. When you are a commuter, you came across many of the problems that make you spend a couple of hours behind your vehicle every day.  It became hard to keep the car clean and clear from chaos, especially for the person who is always on the go. One can easily take the car to shell it from a mechanic. But when the ownership of an auto seems already a responsibility, the addition of bills makes it even more stressful.

There are also many problems that only the car owner can deal and that cannot be handled by the mechanic in the garage.  And sometimes, you don’t need to use pro services to organize your vehicle, patch a scrape, repair a mark on your automobile, or wash the headlights. Moreover, you can make your car ownership a lot easier by using some household products. So we have made a list of car hacks that you will not want to drive without. These car life hacks will make driving easy, relaxing, pleasant, and not battling as you have heard.

1.  Increase the Range Of Your Remote

A large parking lot in a stadium or a mall could be a maze. And finding your car from a river of the vehicles can be difficult sometimes. But did you know that you can raise the limit of your remote, just by using your body organ? Yes, this is actually true. You can increase the range of your alarm remote by holding it against your chin. The science involved in this logic is basically quite simple. Our head is full of liquids, which make any conductor work more smoothly. So when we place a remote key against your chin, your head turns to an antenna, which can expand the reach of the alarm. It basically cannot do very far away, and you apparently can get more than 20 feet out, but it works.

2.  De-Ice Key Hole

Using a hand sanitizer is really a good habit, and most of the time, people are seen carrying this little thing with them where ever they go.  But did you know that you can use it to clear the ice from your keyholes? Yes, it does. The alcohol in hand sanitizer does not only kill the bacteria, but it also melts the ice.

3. Park Facing East

This method is mainly for the people who live in snowy areas. It sounds so simple, but it can be a little tricky sometimes. So, when you park your car facing the sun, it gets all the warmth of the rising sun inside of it and helps in melting the ice from the windshield. This car hack can actually reduce the freezing time and can even save you from scrapping it manually.

4. Clean The Lights

When you travel miles on the road in your car, the headlights of your vehicle will get squatted and cloudy. Maybe it doesn’t impact their performance significantly, but it doesn’t look great. But by rubbing toothpaste on the headlights with the clean rug and let it sits for sometimes. Toothpaste has slight abrasive compounds in it that can strip the thin layer and fill small scratches from the headlight. This is the easiest and convenient way of removing the foggy glaze and clearing the lights from scratches as well.

5.  Keep Going In Heavy Traffic

Everybody hates getting stuck in heavy traffic that takes hours to open. To check if you are in the right lane or not and to keep going in a heavy traffic, it is better to look for the 18 wheeler trucks. They have the radio system inside and keep coordination with each other even in the heavy traffic. The drivers of these big vehicles know which lane is to avoid and which keeps them going.

6.  Get Rid Of Inside Fogging

We all experience foggy windows in the morning when we are already getting late to work or college. Kitty litter can save us from experiencing the foggy windows in the morning. Take a piece of cloth or sock, fill it with kitty litter and place it on the dashboard. This will not let the fog set on the windows as well as on the windshield.

Moreover, rubbing a potato on the glass or making a spray of vinegar and water will help you get rid of the fog. The spray mixture of vinegar and water can also be used to dissolve the ice from the windshield of your car.

7.  Get Rid Of The Warmth

The scorching heat of summer makes everyone look for a shady parking spot. But if you failed to find one and have got parking in the sun, turn the staring wheel of your car to 180 degrees. This will save your hands from holding the hot staring wheel when you return.

Moreover, the warmth of a car will not let you sit inside your car peacefully. To avoid this, roll down any window of your car and open and close the opposite door several times. This will cool your hot car in seconds.

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