7 Jobs That Will Soon Disappear In Coming Years

Technological development is relentless, which is proving very good for many reasons. Things are changing, so markets are shifting with the evolving economy. But it is also influencing the jobs, and it feels like a step backward for many employees out there.

 The analysts have said that artificial intelligence will swallow up 6% of the work posts alone in the US by 2012. Another study at the University of Oxford has revealed that in the next 10 years, 45 percent of all existing jobs will be lost. Either fully automated or at least updated to the extent where a portion of the labor force is required.

Therefore, choosing a market full of fading workers is great to avoid. Or maybe you should consider again if you have already deemed a career in one of the following areas.


Believe it or not, but drivers are on the bottom of full automation. Although they are not yet fully trusted, we have seen a lot of self-driven cars are already on the highways. For instance, take Tesla cars. The next wave of Tesla cars will be 100% autonomous and will need no drivers. You only have to give a direction with a button and, you are all set to go. This will be beneficial for the transport companies because a self-driven truck will not have to stop for downtime and will also be diligent 24/7 to the path.

2.Printers And Publishers

With the increase in the growth of internet publishing, the value of prints and publishers is going down. Because let’s admit it, who would go to buy a newspaper or pay for any magazine just for the sake of news when the internet is offering them for free? Big brands such as The New York Times and Forbes are also struggling to find a place in that online environment through revolutionizing news sources. And the same thing we will see with the books in the coming years. In fact, the rise of e-books has already made many readers and students not to spend their money on buying books.

3.Travel Agents

With the increase in internet technology, traveling has become easy. There are many local search apps like Bing Travel, Google Flights, Kayaks, Sky scanner. These apps have made traveling adventure much more convenient. From booking an apartment to the finding of an extremely cheap package, it has become as easy as one, two, and three. Not only this, travel bloggers are already helping us by posting all the itineraries the necessary information in their blogs.  After all these benefits, why would anybody need any specific travel agency, to buy the air ticket, or schedule the itinerary? When they can do it themselves and all for free!


We have already seen an increase in electronic payment in recent years. This concept of a cashless society has been debated for years. But, with the improvements in cryptocurrency and Apple pay, it was proved beneficial for the business. Not only this, self-checkout stations at restaurants and supermarkets have made everyone easy to make a payment without getting waited in the long lines. This rise in technology has decreased the requirement of humans to handle the payments. But no doubt that the sensors are growing, but the technology still needs to be just a bit stronger than the human counterpart to make the switch.

5.Pilots And Soldiers

We have already seen the military adopting the new technology from the very beginning. Back in the days when the winning of battles required more widespread troops with horses and swords/guns in their hands, now it is a technological gamble. With the advancement in war technology, it has become easier to get the best target than to require a human force. And just like the automatic cars, the idea of aircraft being flown by machines has also being adopted by the military of many countries. Drones can meet a goal more reliably than anyone can without jeopardizing the life of a pilot, who can directly operate it while being seated in a chair from anywhere in the world.

6.Manufacturing Workers



Through technological advancement, factories have been automated and don’t need the armies of manufacturers now. This is not new as many factories, especially car industries, are seen replacing humans with machines. Unlike the others mentioned here in the list, this is a slow and steady transition. But it will soon be acquired by the massive industries of the world. The reason is simple, why would a CEO of the company need a number of humans to bring together the end product when it can be done by using simple software?

7.Waiters and Bartenders

This trend has already begun as many of the restaurants are seen using the robots in place of waiters. Some of them are even using the drones to get the food served at the table. There is no hustle in it, as you can request the food utilizing the attached smart device on your desk. And your meal will be served to you without any involvement of humans in it. However, we still need people for cooking, but there is no harm in serving food by robots

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