8 damage US acts that Britain in no way understood

American pop culture, you may argue, described much of the world’s pop culture over the course of the 20 th Century.

Pop and rock music accompanied in the footsteps of cinema and tv. Acts that were massive in the usa, the common sense dictates, might be massive around the arena. particularly so in the uk – a rustic absolute confidence elated in preference to burdened that the band living color stored the “U” in their call.

but, as the history books display, this isn’t always constantly the case. there are many bands capable of percent the most supersized stadia Stateside who by hook or by crook war to fill venues a fraction of the size on the opposite facet of the Atlantic.

a few matters – tater toddlers, motors the size of tanks, snowploughs – just make extra sense in the usa. To that you could upload Phish, the grateful lifeless-stimulated “jam band” who’ve been gambling seeing that 1983 (and are possibly nevertheless on the same tune).

Attending a Phish gig has end up a rite of summer time passage for American young adults within the identical way that attending Glastonbury has for British teens. in spite of promoting a now not-inconsiderable eight million albums during the last 35 years, it’s as a live act that Phish have simply made their mark, although it’s a spectacle that’s in no way completely shaped within the land greater attuned to The Jam than to jam bands.

Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
You want the jam band ethos with a ska flavour? apparently, a exquisite deal of usa citizens in the Nineties very plenty did, according to the achievement of the Dave Matthews Band. The Charlottesville, Virginia band have offered greater than ninety million albums and offered greater than 100 million gig tickets considering that they began in 1991.

however over within the united kingdom? In 1995, when the band changed into traveling the big-promoting below the desk and Dreaming, they played the Marquee in London, a venue with a ability of only some hundred. some years later, one British newspaper, in an interview with Matthews, underlined the point by means of photographing him – adoring crowd surprisingly no longer in shot – in the front of the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus.

Blues visitor

The 0.33 90s jam band in this list, you could absolute confidence begin to see a pattern rising here. New Jersey’s Blues vacationer, fronted with the aid of the larger-than-life John Popper, have racked up a dozen-peculiar studio albums and a massive and dependable stay following, partly way to their look at Woodstock ’ninety four. however in the united kingdom, reception turned into a whole lot more muted.

evidence for the prosecution? Their 1994 US radio hit Run around, from the six-million-promoting album four, climbed to the no longer-specifically-lofty function of 187 in the united kingdom Singles Chart. well-travelled, indeed.

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks
aside from a few first-rate examples, country track has struggled to attain the mainstream across the pond – even though now it is formally the fastest developing tune genre in Britain. The struggle turned into in no way more obvious than in the course of the Nineties, while business u . s . became the manufacturing values up and took the largest pop acts on at their very own game. one of the most important acts of that time turned into Garth Brooks, a rustic act so big that simplest The Beatles have sold greater albums within the US than him. His 1998 stay album Double live offered no much less than 21 million copies, but during the Nineties Brooks’ attraction in the uk turned into rather extra measured. Double stay has up to now best controlled to attain silver repute (60,000) inside the uk – that’s one replica for every 350 it offered inside the US.

Dixie Chicks

Dixie Chicks
Dixies Chicks’ member Natalie Maines induced a Texas-sized ruckus in the lead-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq by maintaining her opposition at a gig in London: “simply so you know, we are on the good facet with y’all. We do no longer want this conflict, this violence, and we are ashamed that the President of the us is from Texas.”

The venue? London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, typically a mark of achievement for British indie bands, however likely much less than the queue for the toilets on the common DC gig again home. living proof: The Dixie Chicks have bought a few 25 million statistics in a 30-12 months-career, handiest 1.five million of which have been outside the us.


Pop quiz time: released on 26 April 1994, it became one among the biggest albums inside the US that yr. any other clue? Its cowl functions a portray via Scottish artist Peter Howson called The Sisters of Mercy? No? It begins with the tune The Dam at Otter Creek. still no?

live became one of the final big American rock albums earlier than the age of the internet. Their Throwing Copper album may have bought 8 million copies in the US, but it changed into a rather much less till-ringing occasion over inside the uk. The album slightly squeaked into the top 40, in large part not noted in a summer time dominated by using the likes of Blur, Oasis, Suede and Pulp.


Florida submit-grunge rockers Creed have been a post-Nirvana sensation in the US, liberating three albums to ever-increasing fulfillment between 1997 and 2001. Lead singer Scott Stapp’s raspy voice turned into both loved or hated. Human Clay (1999), their 2d album, changed into cherished within the US, promoting greater than 11 million copies. much less so within the united kingdom, in which it sold a hundred,000 copies. whilst six-parent sales figures are not anything to smell at, undergo in mind that this is not handiest much less than 1% of what the album sold again domestic, but additionally less than it sold in New Zealand.


Jewel Kilcher
Alaskan singer-songwriter Jewel Kilcher went from espresso save performer to bona-fide chart sensation in the mid 1990s, liberating the debut album portions of You in 1995. It have become one in all the largest-promoting debuts of all time within the US, moving over 8 million copies. but inside the united kingdom? Jewel’s brand of confessional people found a much less receptive audience; the album couldn’t even ruin the pinnacle 75.

It’s in all likelihood this lack of uk achievement didn’t result in too many sleepless nights. In 1998, Kilcher’s debut ebook of poetry A night without Armour topped the the big apple times e-book charts, and sold more than one million copies.

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