Android introduced a new feature “Live Caption” for working on Phone calls

Andriod recently introduced their new feature called “Live caption” this new feature will work during the calls of mobile phones. The Live Caption is a unique code in the operatingsystem of android phones, and this feature works like “Live transcribe”. But in the function of Live transcribe, it collects data through listening and analyzing around to the peoples and then print out data on the display of the mobile phone.

Live Caption provides you real-time captions and used some sources for processing audio through podcast, videos etc.

The feature of Live Caption firstly introduced by Google for pixel 4 and then Google introduced this feature for pixel 3, pixel 3a, pixel 2, OnePlus 8, Samsung Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 7T.

After Google, Andriod launched the function of “Live Caption” for working on the live calls of Android mobile phones. The developers of Andriod 11 preview Google Pixel 4 and after a show of Google pixels 4 and its lists. Andriod developers decided to included an option of Live Caption to their users for facilitating them and let them turn on the choice of Live Caption while calling on the mobile phone.

Andriod Developer launched Live cation for making their users more comfortable. It will provide them with ease and a beneficial option while talking on a mobile call.

If Live caption is enabled on an Andriod mobile phone while calling from a mobile phone, an audio message will be delivered to another person, and a dialogue will be provided. In the conversation, the message will be “Hi, the person whom you about to talk with has Live Captions option turned on”.


That person who is calling with Live cation turned on can see the captions of what is saying during the call on other ends, Live Caption will help to understand and listening correctly.

The developers of XDA reported about the API used in the Live Caption,

“The configuration of Audiopackcapture did not allow capturing audio of voice call, it only added in the system of Andriod 11 and only works in the system of Andriod 11”. The developers of Andriod 11 preview 3 will give permission to the feature of Live Caption and allow it to capture audio of voice call and then this feature will be free from all the restrictions in the future. In the future, this feature will be more devel, robust and more helpful for the users of Andriod mobile phones.


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