Android new instant app feature for android users and developers

Google Andriod introduced its new technology of instant apps, In this software program end users did not have to install the apps to use them, users can use and check the app without installing it.
Users can check each app or game instantly if users like it they can install it completely, instant apps save users time and work for them.
As of now, only Andriod mobile network introduced this feature for its users and developers, Apple mobile network did not have this feature for its users.
It is a native android technology and now available to all the developers and users of the android network.
For using the instant app, users have to open the main settings of their mobiles, go to ‘Google’ scroll down and tap on the feature of the ‘Instant App’ to turn in on.

There are many advantages of instance app, the biggest advantage is for games and apps developers because instance app feature makes their games and apps more discoverable and accessible.
Often developers struggle to make their apps more visible and discoverable now with instant app their end users can have access to their games or apps instantly.
It also decreased the unlikeliness of users towards the apps even they are not satisfied and they don’t like app enough, still, they will not give negative reviews because of less hassle on their end.

There is some security concerned with this app because it has a smaller set of codes which can result in hacks and attacks.
With a variety of limitations, an instant app did not have access to mobile external storage, background, notification.
It did not have access to the MAC(message authentication code) of a device.

Uses of the instant app
Instant app feature is more beneficial and powerful for the game developers and e-commerce organization.
Game developers mostly get benefits from this feature, their end users can play a specific round without installing the whole game. If a user likes the game, he/she can download the full version of the game.
Similar benefits are for the e-commerce organization, their end users can search for instance apps through google search or from e-commerce websites.
Another use is for a one-time apps like pay and park, end-users of these apps want to get access to services quickly, with the instant app they can quickly open the payment page of service and can payout easily.
New York Times first time creates an instance app for their crossword puzzle game. Feature of instance app make their game access to more peoples, now game becomes more shareable and discoverable.

History of the instant app
Google first time announced this feature of the instant app at a company’s conference in May 2016.
Google also made this software program of the instant app available to all developers at the same conference.
In 2017 google released its version of android studio 3.0 in 2017 and in this version android studio give support to all the developers for developing the instant app.

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