Council of Islamic Ideology Endorses Govt Restrictions, urges People to Offer Friday Prayer at Home

Council of Islamic Ideology Pakistan Endorses Govt Restrictions, urges People to Offer Friday Prayer at Home

The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Pakistan on Thursday endorsed the restrictions imposed by the govt on Friday and daily prayer congregations and urged the general public to not associate the spread of the novel coronavirus in Pakistan with any sect or religious group.

The governments of all four provinces and therefore the capital administration have limited the amount of individuals which will attend Friday and congregational prayers at mosques to 3-5 in an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19. “The value of human life has a special importance in Shariah and the religion of God gives it special importance,” its chairperson, Dr Qibla Ayaz, said, according to the statement.

Chairperson Ayaz urged people to stay at home to practice social distancing and called upon them to follow safety precautions provided by the state institutions and medical experts. He emphasized that people should not perceive that mosques were being locked up but at the same time, urged the places of worship to adhere to the government’s instructions on limiting congregational prayers.

CII Chairman Dr Qibla Ayaz chairs an emergency meeting of the council on Thursday. Image Source: Dawn

The CII called upon the govt to hunt cooperation from imams instead of locking them up in order that they might fight the virus with the authorities’ help. It added that the spread of the coronavirus was not linked to any one religious group or sect. “Whether it’s Umrah pilgrims, zaireen of holy sites or members of the Tableeghi Jamaat, none are related to the spread of this disease. The individual negligence that has taken place during this regard should be treated with lawful and logical steps,” said Ayaz.

The council paid tribute to the international organisations, medical experts, and health professionals battling the virus at present and those engaged in seeking a cure for the pandemic. It urged the affluent to keep in mind the religious minorities in Pakistan and help them out during this crisis.

“All those suffering from the coronavirus should be helped no matter their faith or ethnicity. The government, civil society and public should join hands to provide relief to them,” the CII chairperson added.

Ayaz noted that people who had died from the coronavirus should be referred to as martyrs or deceased, rather than saying they were killed. He added that those who lost their battle against COVID-19 should be given ghusl, or ablution, in accordance with the safety precautions. He also urged the government to upgrade the status of mosques as community centres.

Security personnel wearing facemasks stand guard at a checkpoint during a government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus, in Karachi. Image Source: AFP

Also on Thursday, the Sindh government said it’ll “strictly implement” lockdown measures on Friday as agreed with the representatives of all schools of thought to limit congregational prayers to four to 5 people, who should also maintain some physical distance between them.

The Sindh home department in a notification issued on Thursday evening, said “there shall be complete ban on all public movement and activities from 12:00pm to 3:30pm on Friday, which may resume from 3:30pm till 6:30pm (for Friday only).”

The Punjab government said only 3-5 people are going to be allowed to supply Friday prayers in mosques, including the Khateeb, Muezzin and Mosque Caretaker.

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