COVID19: Pakistan has now Recorded more than 3500 Deaths and 180,000 Total Cases

COVID19: Pakistan has now Recorded more than 3500 Deaths and 180,000 Total Cases

Pakistan has reported 90 COVID-19 fatalities in the last 24 hours as infections continue to spiral, pushing the overall number of confirmed cases to 181,000.

Pakistan recorded 4,471 new infections in the last 24 hours. The total death toll stands at 3,590, and some 71,458 patients have recovered, which makes it 40 % of the total confirmed cases.

According to the official statistics, Pakistan has so far conducted 1,102,162 tests across the country. The country has registered over 90,000 infection cases this month only.

The increase in fatalities and new cases ensued the imposition of “smart lockdown” in numbers of hotspots in some 20 cities on Friday to alleviate the outbreak. The current restrictions will run through until July 2.

Health specialists recognize the ever-increasing coronavirus cases as a consequence of the lifting of an extended lockdown late last month, which suggests that the country’s already unstable health structure might collapse shortly after the tally remains to grow at this pace.

COVID19: Pakistan has now Recorded more than 3500 Deaths and 180,000 Total Cases
COVID-19 Statistics in Pakistan as of June 22, 2020. Source:

Minister for planning, Asad Umar, who is also supervising the country’s anti-coronavirus policy last week, warned the COVID-19 cases could surpass 1 million by the end of July if the current course continues.

Hospitals are loading up, and in many cities throughout the country, COVID-19 victims are being turned away. In a nation of 220 million people, Pakistan has fewer than 3,000 ICU beds, among the world’s lowest.

Ventilators are being allocated to some of the worst-hit regions, and the government has sealed more than 800 residential and business areas where clumps of diseases have appeared.

Despite urging from medical professionals and the World Health Organisation, Pakistan has refused to impose strict lockdowns.

'Catastrophic': South Asia Stumbles from the Virus Rise
Health workers wearing protective gear move a body of a man who died from the coronavirus disease outside an isolation ward at the Ayub Teaching Hospital in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Image Source: Reuters

Prime Minister Imran Khan announces lifting restrictions is the only move to conserve the economy. The country’s poverty rate of 30 percent has surged to 40 percent in just three months.

The coronavirus disease continues to affect health workers countrywide, with 68 more of them testing positive in the past 24 hours. A report prepared by the National Institute of Health, Islamabad, and forwarded to the Ministry of National Health Services showed that corona had affected 40 doctors, six nurses, and 22 paramedics in the past 24 hours.

The toll of health workers affected by the virus has reached 4,855, says the report. The report highlights that 2,950 doctors had so far tested positive, followed by 583 nurses and 1,322 other health workers.

The report detailed that 2,022 coronavirus-positive healthcare workers had recovered. On the other hand, 48 healthcare workers have so far lost their lives.

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