Facebook introduced “Quiet Mode” for helping users to avoid distraction while working

Facebook recently brings a new feature for its users, and this new feature is called” Quiet Mode,” which makes it possible for users to switch off the push notifications of Facebook. Quiet Mode is created for users who want some specific time without any distraction and want to avoid push notifications from Facebook. This feature will be beneficial for freelancers and other peoples who work online and want to set a boundary in their working hours and a balance and silence during their working hours.

For Freelancers or peoples who are working from their home, Quiet Mode is a supported feature because it helps peoples to focus more on their work or tasks. It is a helpful feature for peoples who don’t want to waste their time on Facebook without any reason.

This “Quiet Mode” of Facebook helps manage households and families. By using this Mode, you can focus more on your daily tasks and can make the right balance between your work and family.

By using the Quiet Mode of Facebook, you can set your preferences and manage your time table and working hours. This exciting feature of Quiet Mode can make you able to sleep without any disturbance and distraction.

In the Quiet Mode, if a user wants to open the app, Facebook sends the user a message and remind users about the time frame that is set for a Quite Mode. In the specific period of Quiet Mode, the user could not use the Facebook app or received any push notification. Users can set their preferences in the setting of Quiet Mode. They can set the preferences of push notifications and other relevant notifications and shortcuts.

In the quiet Mode, users can have full control over the updates and posts they want to receive.

According to a report, the controls and settings for the Quiet Mode will be available for users in the upcoming section of the mobile app of Facebook.

In the upcoming section, a total overview of time spending on the Facebook app will be provided to the users of Quiet Mode. The chart will be shown to the users of Quiet Mode, which will show the total spending time on the Facebook mobile app and how much time spend in day and nighttime.

This section also provided a weekly report to the users for giving them information about how they can manage their time. Some More updates related to Quiet Mode will be rolled out soon for the android and iOS users.

Facebook mobile app users should not be confused between Quiet Mode and mute push notification because these are two different features. Mute push notification is used to mute the notifications that helping facebook users to mute the notification for minimizing distraction and disturbance. In contrast, Quiet Mode is used to helps users to concentrate more on their work. Quiet Mode also lets users set a proper time-frame and time table for their work.

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