Facebook launches its Gaming App for Android, Millions of downloads after the launched

Facebook launches their Gamming app that can be downloaded from Google app store. TheGaming app of Facebook is now startingjust for Android platform, but they will be soon launched an iOS version of their gaming app. After the launching of the Facebook app on Google play store, there were downloads in millions, many Facebook users downloaded the Facebook gamming app and gave a positive rating after using the app.

This Gaming app is free for download;in this app, you can play and do streaming of all kinds of games, you can also chat while playing games. There were downloads in lakhs in a short time, and users are allowed to stream and watch games live. A new feature called “Go live” is introduced in this app, through this feature users can enjoy streaming other devices Games easily by clicking on some buttons.


According to a report of New York TimeFidji Simo, the head of the Gaming app of Facebook said in an interview “It becomes our passion and a priority to invest in the gaming apps. Gamming is not just related to passive consumption.Gaming is an interactive form of entertainment that connects peoples and bring them together”.

In the start there will be no ads in the gaming app of Facebook, they just rely on good rating in “stars” from the users just like Twitch relay on rating in “bits” from the viewers. Facebook is testing their gaming app in a different version, and they are testing the app in Southeast Asia and Latin America from past some months.

If you downloaded gaming app of Facebook from Google play store, you would love playing different casual games on this platform. You can enjoy streaming and playing many games, the feature of chatting is also built up in this app so that you can chat with your friends in thisexciting gaming app of Facebook.

The Facebook gaming app received tremendous views in its first quarter after launched on Google play store. The app is launched at the start of 2020, and there wasnearly 554 million hours views time at the beginning of the year.

According to the reports of “streamlabs”There wasalmost 1.1 billion viewing time for YouTube gamming app and nearly 3.1 billion viewing time for Twitch gaming app.

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