#FreeOurGirls: Twitter customers back detained Burundi schoolgirls

Twitter users have rallied to the purpose of three schoolgirls arrested for defacing snap shots of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza by way of following their instance.

Crudely doctored photographs of the leader are being circulated on line under the hashtag, #FreeOurGirls.

The ladies had been charged final week with insulting the head of nation and will spend up to five years in jail.

Burundian authorities are automatically accused of cracking down on human rights and dissent.

The schoolgirls, elderly 15,16 and 17, had been arrested two weeks in the past after the president’s photo become defaced in textbooks. 4 other college students arrested with them have been later launched.

the father of one of the detained girls told marketing campaign organization Human Rights Watch that they have been too scared to eat.

HRW has urged the authorities to launch the schoolgirls and give attention to curbing abuses by way of the security forces.

“government have to cognizance on protecting perpetrators of serious rights violations to account in place of jailing schoolchildren for doodles, the organization’s significant Africa director, Lewis Mudge, said.

In a comparable case in 2016, several schoolchildren have been imprisoned and hundreds expelled for scribbling on images of the president’s face.

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