G7 Leaders Rejects Inviting Russia To Summit

G7 Leaders Rejects Inviting Russia To Summit

Donald Trump has proposed to invite Vladimir Putin to an expanded G7 conference in September. However, the EU and Canada have adamantly refuted it.

According to reports, the US president initiated the call. The two leads talked about the virus outbreak, oil prices, and collaboration in space, as well as Trump’s adjournment of a planned G7 summit at Camp David this month and the inclusion of other governments.

Trump stated he could try again in September and call other countries, including Russia, to participate in the conference.

“G7 doesn’t fully represent what’s going on globally.  It’s a much-outdated group of countries,” Trump informed journalists. He said he would prefer to invite Russia, South Korea, Australia, and India to join an extended summit in September.

He proposed forming an extended grouping named the G10 or G11 and stated the summit could be held on the weekend before or after the UN general assembly. The UN summit is currently scheduled in the week starting 20 September.

G7 Leaders Rejects Inviting Russia To Summit
European Commission headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. Image Source: Reuters

The European Union on Tuesday expelled any suggestion that the Group of Seven advanced economies could be increased to include Russia. It reminded the US that it could not modify the rules for the group on its own.

The EU declared it saw the G7 as an essential multilateral framework that cannot be altered permanently by the head of the group, currently the United States, an EU representative announced on Tuesday.

Russia was suspended from what was previously the G8 in 2014 after invading and taking Crimea from Ukraine and claiming it piece of Russian region.

“While it is the G7 head prerequisite, in this instance, the US, to make guest invitations, which indicates the host’s preferences,” the representative stated.

Britain and Canada have also expressed opposition to the idea of allowing Russia back into the summit.

G7 Leaders Rejects Inviting Russia To Summit
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pictured at Rideau Cottage in Ottawa, Ontario, April 3, 2020. Image Source: AP

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau discarded Russia’s involvement in an upcoming summit and asserted to journalists that “Russia was banned from the G7 following its invasion in Crimea, its continued discourtesy and boasting of international laws and standards is why it stays outside of the G7 and will proceed to remain out.”

Trudeau, though flatly rejected that prospect. “It’s necessary to maintain these conferences and be certain that we are coordinating internationally in this period of emergency,” he stated.

G7 finance ministers are expected to meet online on Wednesday with the World Bank, and IMF heads to address the coronavirus pandemic and to alleviate the financial fallout.

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