Google Updated their App “Google Duo” and Introduced four new features for the users

Google recently introduced four new features to its popular app of video calling. The popular video calling app Google Duo is rising rapidly and becomes more beneficial for its users with time. Every week many people signup and join this video calling app, most users of Google Duo liked it because of its various features. Recently Google launched a new technology of video codec in this app for improving the reliability and quality of video calling. This first unique feature of video codec will work even on connections with low-bandwidth.

This new technology of video codec will be helpful for the users and will make their video calling experience better and improved.

In the second feature of Google, duo users are allowed to click and take a photo anytime during a video call. Users can earn a memorable photo and share this photo with others. Users can take a picture together and capture a memorable moment on any device like a tablet, smartphone or Chromebook. When users choose a photo, their photo can be shared with anyone during the video call. Users can use this feature even in group video calls and while using different kinds of devices. Google promised to add more features soon in the app of Google Duo for its users and will make their app more helpful and beneficial.

Users of Google Duo increasing rapidly, every week, almost 10 million new users join Google Duo. The group product manager of Google Duo informed that call minutes of Google Duo will be increased and become nearly ten-fold, and in future, these call minute could be higher than ten-fold.

Google announced another feature related to the number of a participant in a video call. Google increased the limit of the participant on every video call. Now 12 users can join a video call. The company can increase this limit of users in a video call in future.

In the fourth feature, the voice and videos messages had been saved automatically for 24 hours, but these messages will get expired after 24 hours. Now users of Google Duo can send private voice messages and video messages to each other when they are unable to video call.

Users of Google Duo are allowed to use effects of Augmented Reality(AR) now they can send different personalized messages to each other for example “I love you or miss you”, “I was thinking about you” etc.

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