Health Hazards of Using Mobile Phones

Wise Quoted – Where Mobile Phones have taken over the world with the empowerment of shortened distance by making it Global Village.

The rapid increase in mobile phone and its technology is vulnerably making our next generation more addicted to it. As far as the concern of the use of modern high-five techno traits where 5G is blooming with great essence at the same time the hazards of using mobile phones are seemingly attacking human activities. Some of the perils that have damaged human eye.

Here is some detail about the major cons of using mobile phones that are a major cause of following disorders.

  1. Cause of Sleeping Disorders like Insomnia
    15 years back mobile phones were seamlessly for everyone to buy the one. But today most probably everyone has his own mobile phone. The rising trend of owning a mobile phone is rapidly increasing these days. Even though, people spend their nights in exploring apps and sleep when its 3 am or 4 am in morning while spending hours and hours on WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter. The regular awakening issues cause sleeping disorders like a fatigue disease called insomnia.
  2. Increased Rate of Traffic Accidents
    People don’t stop themselves using mobile phones while driving. The carelessly use of mobile phones during driving is anonymously weird on the part of increasing accident rate that led to increase in death rate. It is such a crime did not happen intentionally but can penalized you with heavy fine and sometimes sentence to death. A statistics were recorded in 2017 about death rate due to mobile phones use while driving revealed that 15000 people died every year due to the use of mobile while driving.
  3. Depression and Stress
    People who used to a lot of mobile phones remains alone and isolated i.e. departed from the rest of the world’s activities. They started feeling stress and remain in long-lasted depression. They complain about life and its hazards even they forget what they have given to their life and life is giving that thing back to them as a drawback. Such people lost ethical values of the relationships and emotions attached to those relations. It is the major cause of their stress and anxiety.
  4. Continuous use of Mobile causes Eye Problems
    As technology is playing a more vital role in men’s lives than any edible stuff. Even the buying trend for books has been converted into e-book reading. The mobile is very small and people do read small size font without blinking their eyes. This causes eye redness, irritation and dryness. Excessive use of mobile phone causes the damaging of sensitivity of retinal tissues.
  5. Continuous Headaches – Migraines
    Migraine is really famous as an abnormal headache. Yes, continuous use of the mobile phone will cause to headache on a daily basis but when you will firm on your daily routine it will divert into a stumble pain of half head called migraine. Many searches have found this pain in those people who continuously looks at the screen of mobile or laptop.
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