Houtong: Taiwan village saved by way of hundreds of lovable stray cats

From the instant you arrive at Houtong Village in northern Taiwan, you’ll haven’t any problem understanding who the real stars are.
there’s a cat-formed bridge, pet meals bowls at the facet of the walkways, road symptoms with cat motifs, cat-themed cafes and, of direction, furry feline buddies roaming freely everywhere.

inside the early 1900s, Houtong, in New Taipei metropolis, changed into the biggest and maximum technologically advanced coal-mining site in Taiwan. It changed into a rich city with about 6,000 citizens and workers, earlier than the mine fell into disuse in 1990.
As most young residents moved away for higher opportunities, Houtong became a sleepy village with about a hundred residents.
but in 2010, Houtong’s reputation surged after a cat lover and photographer began blogging about the village’s developing stray cat populace. Houtong become transformed right into a cat-lover mecca while also presenting a source of income for nearby villagers.
many of the stray cats, now given affectionate nicknames, are taken care of by using local villagers as well as a troop of volunteers.
similarly to the village’s many adorable kitty-themed shops and cafes, the neighborhood authorities has additionally seized the possibility to redesign Houtong and highlight its long history.

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