How to choose a career?

Guidelines for choosing a career: How to choose a career?

There is always a point in a life of a person when he has to make a choice. Today, we will discuss the basic steps; a person should follow while choosing a career of his life.

  • The person should be aware of his skills, values, strengths and personality.
  • The person should know his options of career and should learn about them. The person can use different self-assessment tools also called careers tests for gathering information about his traits and, can make a list of different occupations. The person can have a myriad of great occupations in front of him. He can organise that list to keep himself oriented towards the list.organise
  • Next, he can search any occupation present on the list appealing to him. In the list, there can be a career, he knows a bit and desires to explore that one further. Then, also include those occupations about which he knows nothing. He might discover something really unexpected. And he can add it to his list.
  • The person should make a very good decision. Some people consult a career counsellor or various career consulting professionals who can really help them in this career choosing phenomena.
  • Now he can get certain information about all the occupations on his list. He will manage to narrow down his list to only 10 till 20 options.
  • At some point, he will start to narrow his list down even more. As he has done research about all the professions in his list, he will now start eliminating all those careers he does not desire to pursue further. He will end up to no more than five occupations on his short list.
  • When he will be left with only few occupations on his list. Now, it is the time he should research a little deep. He can arrange meetings with people working in those respective occupations. They are the people who can help him with firsthand knowledge regarding the careers he is interested.
  • Eventually, after doing detailed research, he is probably prepared in making a choice. He can now pick an occupation that he thinks, will bring satisfaction to him.
  • Once he makes a decision, he can recognise his short term as well long term goals.
  • While doing all this, will allow him to finally work in his chosen field. Goals which are long term in nature are about almost three years to reach, and a goal short-term in nature is about 6 months till three years.
  • Now, make a written document having all the necessary steps required for a goal.

Some people get confused while choosing a career. While some persons are perplexed that which field has scope, unknown of the fact that the scope is always of the person who wants to excel in a certain field. An individual should be at the top in his respective field whether it is in medical or something like in bachelors of any education.

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