How to Start Affiliate marketing with Amazon Affiliate network

Amazon is the biggest affiliate marketing network, it is one of the best marketplaces, Amazon develop its trust on their customers and they provide excellent services to their customers, peoples like to buy products from Amazon and like their services.

Amazon becomes the first choice of peoples who want to sell their products online, It becomes the best e-retailer. Mostly affiliates prefer amazon on other marketplaces.

As an Amazon affiliate if your customer did not buy your recommended product and buy other products from Amazon you will still get a commission from Amazon.

You can earn a huge amount of money being an Amazon affiliate, In this article, I will explain how you can start earning on Amazon marketplace.


How to sign up for the Amazon affiliate network

You can easily sign up for the Amazon network, your sign up will be depending on your geographical location or target market.

If you live in America and you want to target the audience of America your target market or geographical location will be America.

If you want to target the audience of U.S, you have to sign up for the U.S affiliate program. If you live in Canada you should sign up for the Amazon Canadian affiliate program

If you want to target all countries, you can do it by joining the affiliate program for all countries.

You can also earn from all Amazon stores by using popular apps called and EasyAzon. By using these services you can make money from mobile traffic in autopilot mode.

After sign up you need to select an Amazon affiliate program that suits you. Sign up for the Amazon marketplace and joining the Amazon affiliate program is free of cost.

You just need a website or blog on which you can start your affiliate marketing through the Amazon marketplace.


How to earn money as an amazon affiliate

After sign up for an Amazon affiliate program now your next step is to make money from your selected affiliate program.

For getting money through Amazon as an affiliate you have to create different types of links, banners, widgets for your website.

You can create affiliate links according to your blog or website niche. Always try to create posts related to your Amazon affiliate program for promoting and advertisement of your product.

Create a page and posts according to your website niche and grab links for your every product on your Amazon affiliate program.

Try to get maximum traffic on your website because if you have good traffic you can earn more through affiliate marketing.

You can attract your audience by writing quality content related to your website topic and add links to your affiliate program in your every post. After writing quality content on your targeted topic, you can recommend your product related to your affiliate program to your audience.

Amazon affiliate program are available in different categories, they have a huge number of programs related to all kinds of niches.

You easily find Amazon affiliate programs related to your website topic or niche.

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