How to start online Business of Affiliate Marketing [Guide for Beginners]

Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly, there are many peoples who want to start earning online from affiliate marketing. Once you understand the business of affiliate marketing, the next question is how to start affiliate marketing?

You can start earning by different sources like you can make your own blog for starting a business of affiliate marketing, you can create your youtube channel and you do podcasting.

Internet marketers are doing affiliate marketing in many ways. In affiliate marketing, you should pick a method that suits you and will be favorable for you.

In this article, I will share with you some effective steps of starting affiliate marketing these steps will be helpful for you in getting success.

How to start a business of Affiliate Marketing:

Before starting affiliate marketing you have to take some important steps that will help you in this field.

Some important steps for starting affiliate marketing are the following:

  1. Join affiliate program or network

The first step to became an affiliate is joining an affiliate marketing program directly or you can join an affiliate marketing network, it is good to search for an affiliate marketing network and join a network that suits you best.

You should select a niche or topic in which you have awareness. Always pick a topic of your interest and work passionately on your selected topic.

If you have your own blog or you think of starting your own blog or a youtube channel it will be easy for you to pick a topic of your interest.

  1. Promote your selected product

When you select a product and join an affiliate program, now the next step is to promote your selected product. There are many ways for promoting your product as an affiliate,

you can use the following sources for the promotion of your affiliate product:

  • You can promote your product on a blog or website
  • If you have a youtube channel you can promote the product on your channel, A combination of a blog and youtube channel will work best for you.
  • Social media platforms can also be used for promotion and advertising.
  • Podcasting can also be a good source of promotion.
  1. Create a sales pitch

Once you start to promote your product now you need to create a sales pitch. If you take the help of content marketing for the promotion of your product your profit will increase. Content marketing will give you good results and can increase your sales pitch and drive traffic to your platform.

A sales pitch is actually making your audience aware of your product and its benefits. For newcomers, it is not difficult to pick a product and then promote it with good sources and building your audience.

  1. Use the technique of Link Cloaking

Link Cloaking is an important part of affiliate marketing with the help of link cloaking you can convert an ugly looking affiliate link into a good looking affiliate link.

If you have a WordPress blog you can take the help of a popular plugin for link cloaking called “ThirstyAffilates”.

If you don’t have a blog or website you can take help of a famous platform called “” These platforms will help you in creating Link Cloaking

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