Instagram supported small scale businesses by introducing new features

Instagram launched new features for helping businesses of a small scale that becomes effected because of coronavirus and need support and attention. Instagram decided to support these small businesses, they added a new story named as “support small” in their stories feed.If you are a user of Instagram, you can see the option of small businesses in your accounts.

Instagram announced their new features on twitter through their official account, they said “today we are going to launch a sticker of “support small Business” you can find this sticker in stories, show your love for your appealing small business”. You can use this sticker for sharing your story with your video or photo. You can share your “small scale business” story with your friend so they can see your support for your favorite small business.

So, you can use this platform for supporting your favourite small business, this is a very helpful platform for small businesses. For sharing your story with your friends, you have to add the sticker of “support small business”, and after adding this sticker post, your account in the stories feed. When you share your story in the stories, feed this will enable other peoples to see your support for your small business and it willincreaseengagement of different peoples with your favourite company.

Instagram announced new features for peoples who want support for their small business because of corona lockdown stores and markets becomes closed but social media becomes an online platform for doing work or business online. Through Instagram Peoples can discover new business and also increase support and visibility of their small businesses by sharing their story with others.Instagram makes it easy for peoples to connected with their clients or customers by introducing new tools that can keep their businesses updated and informed.

According to a report,Facebook is also launching a new feature for supporting small businesses, they are adding an option of business inbox in their app of messenger to make it easier for businessmen to communicate with their customers and to support their company.

Facebook adds a new feature in their app for supporting all types of businesses, their unique feature is called “business Nearby”. In this new feature of Facebook, peoples can use this feature for getting updated about the companies nearby, users can read latest information and check posts related to the business around them.

Users can use this feature of business nearby for searching the sops and stores near them which can have important items, it is also helpful for bringing businesses and customers together and make them connected with each other,

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Facebook also introduced many new features with the new tools for supporting small scale businesses, they share information, tips and tricks for small businesses.




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