NASA Claims Evidence of Parallel Universe where Time Runs Backward

NASA Claims Evidence of Parallel Universe where Time Runs Backward

A team of NASA scientists working on an experiment in Antarctica has identified evidence of a parallel universe, where the laws of physics are the contrast of our own, according to a ‘New Scientist’ report.

The idea of a parallel universe has been around since the early 1960s, often in the minds of enthusiasts of sci-fi TV programs and comics. Still, now a cosmic ray discovery experiment has observed particles that could be from an identical realm that also was born in the Big Bang.

The authorities used an enormous balloon to take NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) high above Antarctica. The frosty, dry air gave the perfect environment with tiny to no radio sound to distort its findings. A constant “wind” of high-energy particles continually comes on Earth from exterior space.

Low-energy, subatomic neutrinos with a size close to zero can transfer entirely through Earth. Still, higher-energy objects are stopped by the dense matter of our planet, according to the report.

That indicates the high-energy particles can only be discovered coming “down” from space, but the team’s ANITA detected more large particles, so-called tau neutrinos, which come “up” out of the Earth.

The finding intimates that certain particles are traveling backward in time, proposing evidence of a parallel universe.

Principal ANITA researcher Peter Gorham, an experimental particle physicist at the University of Hawaii, proposed that the only way the tau neutrino could act that way is if it turned into a different kind of particle before crossing through the Earth and then back again.

Gorham, the lead author on a Cornell University paper explaining the odd phenomenon, remarked that he and his fellow researchers had noticed several of these “impossible events,” some of which were suspicious.

“Not everyone was easy with the hypothesis,” he told New Scientist.

The most straightforward description for the phenomenon is that at the moment of the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, two universes were made — ours and one from our view running in reverse with time moving backward.

Of course, if there are any potential parallel universe inhabitants, they’d recognize us the backward ones.

“We’re left with the most appealing or most boring possibilities,” said Ibrahim Safa, who also worked on the experiment.

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