Pakistan COVID-19 Update: Confirmed Cases Toll passes 50,000

Pakistan COVID-19 Update: Confirmed Cases Toll passes 50000

Pakistan saw its worst day yet since the emergence of coronavirus in the country, as 2,603 new positive cases were reported from across four provinces, the federal capital, and the AJK and GB regions.

The number of deaths also reached a new grim milestone of 50 in a single day, as Sindh reported record 20 deaths in 24 hours, while Punjab and KP recorded 13 and 14 deaths respectively during the reported period.

As the country is seeing the rise in the number of positive cases, as well as the deaths, there’s still no visibility on the peak of the outbreak in Pakistan.

The major hurdle in determining the peak is that the rate at which the new cases are rising in Pakistan does not have a consistent pattern. For instance, the daily growth rate in new cases reached 5.41% yesterday — which stayed under 5% for a good eight days in a row.

Pakistan COVID-19 Update
People rush to shop at markets after the government relaxed a weeks-long lockdown that was enforced to curb the spread of the coronavirus, in Karachi, Pakistan, May 11, 2020. Image Source; AP Photo

This variation is due to the changing situation in lockdowns, movement of community, and other violations of social distancing that we saw during the past few days.

Since the lockdown scenarios keep changing, the growth rate is eventually impacted negatively, and the trajectory for peaking the outbreak changes. In short, the cases are rising, and we don’t know the future of the outbreak in the country!

Overall, 34,426 patients are under treatment in hospitals while 15,201 have recovered completely, which is 30 percent of the total confirmed cases.

The country’s southern Sindh province is the most affected region with 19,924 cases followed by eastern Punjab province with 18,455 cases.

Pakistan COVID-19 Update
A police officer uses a megaphone to disperse shopkeepers gathered to reopen their shops at a closed market in Karachi. Image Source: Reuters

The northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province reported 7,155 cases, with 365 deaths. At least 3,074 cases have been reported in southwestern Balochistan province, 1,326 in the capital city Islamabad, and 602 in northern Gilgit-Baltistan region.

Sindh province recorded 336 deaths, followed by Punjab where 310 infected people have lost their lives, the statistics said, adding that Pakistan has conducted 445,987 tests officially so far.

The Pakistani government started to ease the lockdown from May 9, aiming at mitigating the influence of the COVID-19 outbreak and the lockdown on the labour class and the poor in the country. The domestic flight operations and train services in Pakistan have also been resumed partially.

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