Pakistan Ranks 76th out of 100 Countries on Internet Inclusiveness

Pakistan Ranks 76th out of 100 Countries on Internet Inclusiveness

On the scale where 1 was ranked the best and 100 was the worst, Pakistan ranked 76th out of 100 countries in the 2020 Inclusive Internet Index, conducted by the UK-based The Economist Intelligence Unit and commissioned by Facebook.

In its fourth ranking list, EIU graded 100 countries. The ranked countries represent 91pc of the world’s population and 96pc of global GDP. The index assesses on four key categories – availability, affordability, relevance and readiness – and 56 indicators.

The Inclusive Internet Index 2020 ranks the countries on the determinants: Internet’s availability, Affordability, Relevance & Readiness of people to use it.

‘Availability’ means the standard and breath of infrastructure available for Internet usage, while ‘affordability’ examines the value of access relative to income and competition within the market, ‘relevance’ looks at the existence and extent of local language content online and ‘readiness’ examines the talents , cultural acceptance and native supporting policies for the web .

As per the survey results, Pakistan was ranked into the last quartile of the global internet index countries overall, and it ranks 24th out of 26 Asian countries. “Notable among its weaknesses is by far the largest gender gaps in the index, in both mobile and internet access. Low levels of digital literacy and comparatively poor network quality are major impediments to internet inclusion,” the EIU said.

Under the sub-category of availability, the country ranked 86th, on affordability it ranked 57th, 71st on relevance and 64th on readiness.

Sweden ranked one number on the general index, followed by New Zealand and therefore the us .

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