Pakistan Records Over 4,000 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day, Crossed 80,000 mark of Total Cases

Pakistan Records Over 4,000 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day, Crossed 80,000 mark of Total Cases

Taking the toll to 80,463 Pakistan reported its highest single-day toll for the second day in a row as 4,131 new cases were reported across Pakistan yesterday, up from 3,958 cases reported a day earlier.

Pakistan conducted the highest number of tests in a day, with 17,370 tests conducted in 24 hours.

Besides, 1,813 Coronavirus patients were recovered in the last 24 hours, which took the number of people having been cured from the disease to 28,923.

The country’s death toll reached 1,688 as Punjab and Sindh reported 30 and 23 deaths, respectively. Another eight patients died in KP while Islamabad said 4 deaths. One death each was reported in AJK and GB.

With 31,086 Cases, Sindh remains atop in terms of being the worst affected province followed by Punjab wherein 29,489 have been diagnosed with the virus. Likewise, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has so far detected 10,897 Coronavirus Cases, Baluchistan 4,740, Islamabad 3,188, Gilgit-Baltistan 779, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) 284.

The most number of deaths caused by COVID-19 has occurred in Punjab. In Punjab, 570 have so far lost the battle against the virus. In Sindh, 526 people have died, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 490, in Baluchistan 49, in Islamabad 34, in Gilgit-Baltistan 12, and in AJK 7 people have so far lost their lives to the virus.

Pakistan Records Over 4,000 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day, Crossed 80,000 mark of Total Cases
COVID-19 Statistics in Pakistan as of June 3, 2020. Source:

Cases are on the rise. Deaths are rising with the same proportion, indicating that the number of fatalities will grow in the coming days — as a higher number of positive cases that are being recognized today will impact the death toll in two weeks.

With the economy opened up, lockdowns entirely eased down; our only hope is that a higher number of positive cases will be mild (or asymptomatic) and that our death rate will decline. Otherwise, at the current rate — it is feared that around 2% of all infectious patients will not be able to bear the disease.

On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan declared a further easing of lockdown measures across the country, also as he urged the country to adopt standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other precautionary steps to restrain the spread of the disease.

He was addressing the nation after a conference of the National Coordination Committee (NCC). “I want all of you to perform the SOPs we have planned to hold the spread of this infection. If we don’t take precautions, then we will proceed to suffer,” Khan advised.

Pakistan Records Over 4,000 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day, Crossed 80,000 mark of Total Cases
Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan Niazi. Image source: Reuters

As he stated that the government has voted to “open all the sectors” aside from those where the warning of “virus is still present.” The premier reminded the country that the coronavirus will proceed to spread unabated and that people require to learn to live with it till a vaccine is produced.

Buckling under the pressure businessmen and traders and to ‘keep the economy going forward,’ the Punjab administration has approved the opening of all stores, bazaars, shopping malls, and other businesses five days a week with longer working hours.

Though the administration of the Federal Territory Islamabad has decided to inflict Rs3,000 fine on those not using masks outside, Punjab has just begun huge awareness drive to teach the people about such safety standards.

20000 People have Recovered from COVID-19 in Pakistan but 1,260 Lives Lost
A worker sprays disinfectant among worshippers attending the Eid ul Fitr prayer at a ground in Rawalpindi. The 20-point agenda agreed between the government and the ulema for congregational prayers included the disinfection of mosques. Image Source: AP

The Baluchistan government has extended the smart lockdown in the province for another two weeks with effect from June 1, the provincial home department announced on Tuesday. The decision has been taken given the increasing number of local transmissions of coronavirus cases across the province.

The home department in a notification issued late on Monday night said that the disease might cause “devastating consequences, infection, and deaths.”

The notification said that all shopping malls, markets, shops/ stores outlets would function from 9 am to 7 pm for six days of the week from Saturday to Thursday. The business community and all minor and major business components will remain closed on Friday. All public gatherings, inter-city, and inter-province travel and religious congregations will remain banned. Stern action will be carried upon violators, it added.

Pakistan Records Over 4,000 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day, Crossed 80,000 mark of Total Cases
Traders and customers gather at a crowded vegetable market during a government-imposed lockdown measures against the coronavirus, in Peshawar. Image source: AFP

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the business community has presented a 48-point charter of demands to the government, which include a complete end to lockdown, early payment of tax refunds, lifting of the ban on wheat transportation from Punjab to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and one-year tax waiver to revive business activities in the province.

Addressing a news conference on the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry premises on Tuesday, the representatives of various bodies of traders and industrialists rejected the government’s decision to allow business activities five days a week. They demanded a complete end to the lockdown without delay under a strict standard operating procedure to stem the spread of novel coronavirus.

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