Pakistan yet again Records Over 4,500 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day

Pakistan yet again Records Over 4,500 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day

Pakistan reported another highest single-day rise in Coronavirus patients, for the third consecutive day in a row, as new cases emerging in the country reached 4,688.

This can mainly be attributed to the highest number of testing per day as 20,167 tests were conducted during the past 24 hours only.

The total number of positive cases in Pakistan soared to 85,264 while fatalities rose by 82 in a single day, to take the tally to 1,770. Some reports imply the genuine cases in the country could be in millions.

Of new cases, Sindh reported 1,824 new cases with 7,547 tests in a single day. Punjab reported another 1,615 new cases in the province with 6,785 tests in a day.

Islamabad reported a record increase in new cases as 356 tests came back positive in 24 hours. KP and Balochistan reported 476 and 484 new cases, respectively.

Of new deaths, 37 were reported in Punjab while another 29 deaths were reported in Sindh. KP said nine people died of coronavirus related complications in the province in the last 24 hours. Islamabad and Balochistan reported 4 and 3 deaths, respectively.

Pakistan yet again Records Over 4,500 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day
COVID-19 Statistics in Pakistan as of June 4, 2020. Source:

Recent Pakistani media stated that a provincial health department’s judgment showed that the number of COVID-19 cases only in the city of Lahore could be almost 700,000. “No workplace and household area are disease-free” in the provincial metropolis, according to the report, which was given to Punjab province’s Chief Minister Usman Buzdar about two weeks ago.

The health department urged the chief minister to instantly execute a complete lockdown for “at least four weeks,” adding that asymptomatic cases revealed the “main origin of infection and local transmission” in the region.

However, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has declined requests for a full lockdown. Instead, his the administration has lifted all known restrictions in an obvious attempt to restore the economy.

“Hence, except for a few sectors, all other sectors will stay open,” Khan stated, adding that the government desires to “save people from coronavirus and hunger together. Coronavirus is going nowhere, at least this year. That implies we have to live with it following protection guidelines.”

Pakistan Records Over 4,000 Coronavirus Cases In Single Day, Crossed 80,000 mark of Total Cases
Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan Niazi. Image source: Reuters

Health specialists tell the radical surge in coronavirus cases has already overburdened the country’s public healthcare system.

“This is a distressing circumstance. Increased testing will possibly see the recorded numbers rise to millions. I worry the pandemic is also growing more deadly in Pakistan,” Khizar Hayat, chairperson of the Young Doctors Association (YDA), described Deutsche Welle news agency.

The government, though, remains to downplay the pandemic threat, with Yasmeen Rashid, head of Punjab province’s health department, stating, “the new study is an evaluation from little sample size and is not accurate.”

“People should not panic,” Rashid responded, indicating to the provincial health department’s report. PM Khan has frequently expressed against inflicting a nationwide lockdown to restrain the virus spread. In his latest media discussion, he even declared the resumption of tourism ventures in the country.

Pakistan Prime Minister Defends Lifting Lockdown, Urges Nation To 'Live With The Virus'
A health worker wearing a protective face mask takes a medical history from a man, who is sitting in a car, at the drive-through screening. Image Source: Reuters

Khan has been hurled for a clear “lack of policy” to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Critics say his administration has been giving mixed signals regarding lockdown, which has resulted in the public not getting it seriously. The premier was also tender with Islamic associations even though the primary infections were exposed among the returning travelers from Iran and the Sunni hardliners.

They declined to follow physical distancing practices in their gatherings. Doctors worry about the easing of physical distancing stipulations could place them in harm’s way. According to Tipu Sultan, former president of the Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), “we are facing an acute shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators and other medical facilities.

The government is not supporting us, not giving protective equipment to the medical staff serving in emergency departments,” “Moreover, the administration is easing restrictions, and clerics are continuing mass prayers in mosques. It could all point to a surge in coronavirus cases in the country. I worry that our whole state healthcare system will be submerged,” Sultan added.

Many people think the country is going toward an uncontrollable health crisis due to poor governance.

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