Spain & France Reported Record Single-Day Death Toll

Spain & France Reported Record Single-Day Death Toll

Spain reported its deadliest day since the coronavirus crisis started, leaving hospitals overflowing with sick patients and therefore the government struggling to bring the spread of the disease in check .

Spain, whose outbreak is that the world’s second deadliest after Italy, broke another national record of 849 deaths in at some point Tuesday, dampening hopes it could have passed the height of the crisis that has debilitated the country for weeks.

The total number of deaths rose by 849 to eight ,189 within the past 24 hours, consistent with Health Ministry data. The number of new cases increased by 9,222 on Tuesday — the most in a single day — to bring the total confirmed infections in the country to 94,417.

Soldiers set up a temporary medical tent for coronavirus patients, in Madrid. Source: AP

The Spanish government is betting that severe restrictions on public life a minimum of through the Easter weekend will help curtail the spread of the disease, which has killed more people in Spain than in China where the pandemic started.

A two-week, nationwide lockdown began March 14, when the government announced a state of emergency, and was subsequently extended to April 11. The health crisis is having a severe impact on the economy. Many firms have announced temporary redundancies, putting workers on government unemployment benefit until a company is able to re-hire them.

A man jogs in an empty Paris street on Wednesday. Image Source: AP

Spain prides itself on having one among the world’s best health services, but it’s been stretched to verge of collapse by the crisis. Problems range from a shortage of hospital and intensive-care beds to a lack of coronavirus testing kits and basic medical equipment.

France has recorded its worst jump in coronavirus deaths since the outbreak began after 418 people died within 24 hours.

Health officials confirmed 44,550 people have tested positive for Covid-19 and 3,024 people so-far have died after contracting the virus.

The country is now closing in on China as the third worst affected country in terms of coronavirus fatalities. At this time, 3,304 people have died of the infection in China, where the disease first emerged in December.

France’s daily government tally only accounts for those dying in hospital, but authorities say they’re going to very soon be ready to compile data on deaths in retirement homes, which is likely to result in a big increase in registered fatalities.

A patient, infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-19), is carried on a stretcher into a Caiman helicopter from the French army during transfer operations from Strasbourg to Germany and Switzerland. Source: Reuters

As France struggles to contain its outbreak, army helicopters transported critical patients from the east to hospitals overseas during a battle to release space in life-support units.

In the eastern city of Strasbourg, paramedics in hazmat suits transferred six patients onto three Caiman NH90 medicalized helicopters before they were moved to hospitals within the Swiss capital of Bern and Frankfurt in Germany.

Eighty Covid-19 patients have thus far been moved from the region to Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. Transfers from Paris hospitals are expected in the coming days.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has warned the country’s 67 million folks that the toughest weeks within the fight against epidemic are still to return and doctors within the capital said on Monday they were close to saturation point.

Source: AFP, Iranian workers set up a makeshift hospital inside the Iran Mall, northwest of Tehran.

COVID-19’s Impact Around the Globe

More than 37,000 people have died worldwide.

Over 780,000 cases of infection reported worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University Research.

More than 166,000 people have recovered from COVID-19 coronavirus.

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