Steps to be a good citizen

Steps to be a good citizen

Following are the good features in a good citizen:


Patriotism is having and indicating commitment for your nation. It means having a connection to certain national social qualities and demonstrating basic unwaveringness to your country.

Qualities required for citizenship:

  • Genuineness – come clean.
  • Uprightness – be ethically upstanding.
  • Obligation – be responsible for yourself and your activities.
  • Deferential – treat others how you need to be dealt with.
  • Empathy – show cooperation with your countrymen who are down on their karma by volunteering as well as making gifts to philanthropies.
  • Thoughtfulness – be amicable.
  • Resistance – be tolerant of different races and religions.
  • Politeness – be chivalrous of others.
  • Self-control – have poise and develop the capacity to finish on what you state you will do.
  • Moral Courage – support what you consider to not be right and shield the individuals who can’t safeguard themselves.
  • Love of Justice – be reasonable and ask that others be so too.

Being a productive personality of society:

A productive member of society adds to their country by being gainful. They’re beneficial representatives, entrepreneurs, specialists, local officials, parental figures, etc. Productive members of society share their aptitudes, gifts, and capacities with others. They make a positive commitment to their country.

Active member of society:

A productive member of society is dynamic in their locale. They take an interest in the public activity of their city or town, and they search for approaches to make their networks a superior spot to live. That is, in the event that they see an issue in their locale they search for approaches to fathom it.

Here are a few different ways to be dynamic in your locale:

  • Shop locally.
  • Go to network occasions – keep your eyes open for occasions that are going on in your general vicinity, for example, celebrations, network theater, a display opening, etc.
  • Join a neighborhood club that is committed to an action that interests you, for example, running, cycling, or kayaking.

Stay well-informed always:

In case you’re asking yourself what you should peruse to keep well-educated, here are a few proposals:

  • Different news sources that spread neighborhood, national and worldwide news.
  • Books on significant world issues.
  • Accounts of individuals who have helped shape the world.
  • History books.


A nation relies upon a well-educated and metro disapproved of populace to protect the individuals’ individual opportunities and political rights. A productive member of society stays watchful so as to find out that the legislature is doing the majority of the accompanying:

  • Meeting its commitments to its residents;
  • Acting properly inside its circle and purview; and
  • Clinging to the furthest reaches of state activity.

Being a mentor:

The present children are tomorrow’s residents. Help shape the residents of things to come by tutoring kids. A few thoughts on ways you can tutor children are the accompanying:

  • Converse with your own children about civics and instruct them to be productive members of society.
  • Join a school-based coaching project and guide kids who aren’t doing admirably scholastically.


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