Stunning modern-day library

Oodi vital LibraryThe phrase library derives from liber, the Latin for e-book. but the cutting-edge generation of libraries are positioning themselves as superbly-designed cultural, social and civic hubs – with books thrown in. The current libraries shown right here are all part of a new motion around the sector, where myriad numerous sports, from yoga to 3D printing, are housed in beautiful library homes from Copenhagen and Calgary to Christchurch and Chicago.

At Oodi, Helsinki’s new critical library, most effective a 3rd of the space is given over to books. Oodi’s director Anna Maria Soininvaara says it ambitions “to reinvent the library for the population of Finland’s future needs, and to inspire social integration and schooling.” it’s miles a reaction to Finland’s up to date Public Libraries Act, which commits to promoting lifelong studying, energetic citizenship, democracy and freedom of expression.

With its undulating roof and timber façade of Finnish spruce, Oodi sits on Kansalaistori rectangular contrary Eduskuntatalo, Helsinki, the Finnish parliament constructing. The 17,250-sq.m structure designed with the aid of ALA Architects is positioned as a civic dwelling room, complete with a cinema, a makerspace, recording studios, get admission to to public services, exhibitions and network occasions, similarly to the books.

The makerspace workshops on the second one floor provide gear and new technology along with 3-d and vinyl printers, laser cutters, warmness presses, sewing machines and device to digitally sculpt timber. some of that area has been freed up by using storing books in the basement, which are gathered by means of ebook-sorting robots. (credit: ALA Architects)

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