The Hostess Snacks Instagram account committed to bizarre memes is actually excellent

The famous pastry-snack corporation has a completely thrilling presence on Instagram. They submit daily snap shots in their classic pastries in whacky scenarios to their 123,000 followers, who’re literally hungry for the content material.

Like a sweet store, their Instagram feed is colourful and complete of factors the dentist wouldn’t approve of. but it’s also full of pics that appear to be stuff you’d encounter in a put up-birthday-cake fever dream. normal matters, like vehicle tires and snow boots, are rendered to resemble Hostess’s famous pastries alternatively. And their followers consume it up. remarks from lovers range from, “you absolutely know how to trap my eye” to light-hearted confusion.
After struggling with financial disaster in 2012, the giant snack employer made a splashy return a 12 months later. a hundred million Twinkies, CupCakes, and Donettes hit shelves inside the first two weeks of their comeback, prompted by using public call for. “…Hostess has a totally thrilling future,” said Dean Metropoulos, the organization’s CEO in a press launch.

no matter the business enterprise’s business, the Hostess Snacks Instagram account is thriving. i might be mendacity if I stated that scrolling via the absurdly high-quality web page failed to invoke each starvation and nostalgia in me. but who’s in the back of all of it? The processed-sugar-yearning 7-yr-vintage in me had to realize.

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