Top 5 Richest Families of The World

The world is full of rich and poor folks. However, the numbers of poor families are in large amount than those of the other. But that doesn’t mean that the wealthy are few in numbers. According to a research, there are around 2,208 billionaires in 72 countries, with a record of 9.1 trillion US dollars as their assets.  Besides the individuals, several wealthy families are also keeping their status of being billionaire from generation to generation.

The popularity of wealthy families undoubtedly represents a society that consumes money and glorifies rich people. We have made a list of the most affluent families in the world. These families have made their wealth by working creatively through diverse areas including, retail industries, media, agribusiness corporations, technology, and many more. Together these families possess the assets of 1.1 trillion US dollars.

1.  The House Of Saud

Company: Saudi Aramco

Approximate Wealth: $1.4 trillion

The House of Saud, the Saudi royal family, has almost a century of dynastic history. This figure of net worth is based on total payments received from Royal Diwan, which is the executive office of the king, to royal family members over the last 50 years.

Saudi Aramco, which is also known as the leviathan of the oil companies, is the central source of the wealth of Saudis. In recent years, Aramco publishes a prospectus, which shows that it is the most profitable company in the world. This is the reason why this company continues to expand wealth for the Saudi royal family. Aramco is by far the most successful company that even overshadows technology giants like Apple and Google. According to a report, Saudi Aramco has an estimated 270 billion barrels in reserves. The assets of the House of Saud are hard to evaluate, mainly because there are up to 15,000 extended family members.

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2.  The Walton Family

Company: Walmart

Approximate Wealth: $190.5 billion

The Walton dynasty is the richest in America and the largest group in the nation, by some standards. Walmart is the largest company in the world, which was founded by Sam Walton in Arkansas in 1962. Now the assets holders are Jim and Alice Walton. According to the company website, the revenue of Walmart is $514.4 billion, with a 1.5 million US employee. Walmart is a phantom to the supermarket. According to the Aug report of 2019, the wealthiest company operates nearly 12,000 retail stores around the world and 5,362 stores in the US.

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3.  The Mars Family

Company: Mars Inc

Approximate Wealth: $126.5 billion

The Mars Company is a multiple-generational, ubiquitous, affordable, and successful family business of the Mars family. It was founded by Frank Mars and is now being run by the fourth generation of Mars family members. Today Mars Inc is also known as the Supermarket of confectionery and is famous for making MnMs, Milky Way, and Mars bars.  In 1988, the Mars Family was known to be the top wealthiest family of the United States. The biggest candy company in the world, The Mars Inc., leveraged the worth of $9.1 billion in 2017 when they acquired VAC, a pet care company. And now, the calculated annual revenue of Mars Inc. is about 27.5 billion us dollars.

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4.  The Koch Family

Company: Koch Industries

Approximate Wealth: $124.5 billion

Koch Industries was first started as an oil business by Fed C. Koch. This oil firm of Fred was passed down by Frederick, Charles, David, and William. But in the early 1980s, Friedrich and William left the family business with a brotherly dispute over control of the company while Charles and David remained. Charles and David Koch transformed the oil refinery of their father into an empire of Koch industries. These two brothers have also managed to make their names in the list of wealthiest people in the world. According to a report, the annual revenue of Koch industries is 110 billion US dollars.

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5. The Wertheimer Family

Company: Channel

Approximate Wealth: 57.6 billion

The history of Wertheimer goes all the way back to Paris when Coco Chanel was established in the 1920s, by Pierre Wertheimer. Now, Alain and Gerard Wertheimer, the grandsons of Pierre Wertheimer, are keeping the hold of the luxury brand Coco Channel. According to a recent report, this luxury brand is giving the annual revenue of about 9.6 billion US dollars. These two brothers, Alain and Gerard Wertheimer have also made their names in the list of top richest men of France. Though most of their assets are inherited, they have increased their revenue by the sales and investments covering the retails. According to Forbes, they own vineyards in the Valley of France and Napa. They also have increased their assets by keeping the best breed of horses and by horseracing as well.

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