Turkey Says Five Countries Are Forming ‘Alliance of Evil’

Turkey Says Five Countries Are Forming ‘Alliance of Evil’

Turkey on Tuesday blamed Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, France and the UAE of trying to form an “alliance of evil” after these nations declared a joint statement criticizing Ankara’s policies in the eastern Mediterranean and Libya.

In a strongly-worded declaration, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hami Aksoy stated the five countries were seeking “regional chaos and instability” in the eastern Mediterranean and sacrificing Libyans’ “hope for democracy for the thoughtless aggression of dictators.”

The foreign ministers of the five countries carried a teleconference on Monday to address the condition in the eastern Mediterranean, where Turkey has been digging for possible hydrocarbon deposits in an offshore area where Cyprus has exclusive economic rights, as well as the circumstance in Libya.

Last year, Turkey signed a disputed maritime border delineation deal as well as a military association compliance with the internationally-recognized administration in Tripoli.

Turkey tells the deal gives its economic rights to a great swath of the East Mediterranean Sea and blocks any energy-related projects from going forward without Ankara’s approval. Greece and Cyprus have opposed the deal, stating it contravenes international legislation and violates on their own rights in the area.

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hami Aksoy. Image Source: AA

The five nations denounced what they stated was Turkey’s sixth effort in less than a year to “illegally conduct drilling procedures in Cyprus’ maritime zones.

”Turkey doesn’t understand ethnically divided Cyprus as a nation and claims many of its exclusive economic zone as its own. It has forwarded warship-escorted vessels off Cyprus to drill for gas, asserting that it’s acting to defend its concerns and those of Turkish Cypriots to the regions’s natural reserves.

Cyprus was divided in 1974 when Turkey attacked after coup by advocates of union with Greece. A breakaway Turkish Cypriot nation is known only by Turkey.

The five also opposed the contracts signed with Libya’s U.N.-backed administration as a breach of international law and the U.N. arms restriction in Libya.”(The) Ministers firmly rebuked Turkey’s military intervention in Libya, and prompted Turkey to fully consider the U.N. arms ban, and to halt the influx of foreign fighters from Syria to Libya. These developments form a threat to the determination of Libya’s neighbors in Africa as well as in Europe,” the five nations claimed.

In its answer, the Turkish Foreign Ministry blamed Greece and Cyprus of withdrawing dialogue with Turkey and criticized Egypt for not protecting the rights and benefits of its own citizens. It also accused the UAE of following the others out of hatred toward Turkey and condemned France for allegedly attempting to portray as a “patron” to the alliance.

“We call on these nations to play in line with common sense, international laws and systems,” said Aksoy, the Turkish Foreign Ministry representative. “Peace and stability in the region can be stabilized with genuine and authentic dialogue, not by alliances of evil.”

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