Viking Sky cruise ship engine failure off Norway coast due to low oil levels: legit

“especially low” oil ranges on the Viking Sky induced the cruise deliver’s engines troubles over the weekend off the coast of Norway, an professional stated Wednesday.

The vessel – which had extra than 1,three hundred passengers and group individuals on board – signaled for help on Saturday after its engines cut out amid stormy weather.

The “direct cause” of the deliver’s problems became an insufficient quantity of lubricating oil reaching its engines, Lars Alvestad, the appearing director preferred of the Norwegian Maritime Authority, stated, consistent with The associated Press.
“The heavy seas probable precipitated moves within the tanks so massive that the deliver to the lubricating oil pumps stopped,” Alvestad said. “This prompted an alarm indicating a low level of lubrication oil, which in flip, quickly thereafter, caused an automated shutdown of the engines.”

The Viking Sky managed to drop anchor in a bay, allowing responders to begin the evacuation. 5 helicopters had been used to for my part airlift passengers off the deliver, as rough conditions ruled out evacuations via boat.

The rescue operation ended Sunday when the engines restarted after 479 passengers were airlifted to land. The ship traveled under its very own electricity to a Norwegian port with almost 900 passengers and group participants final onboard.

The Viking Sky “suffered power ‘blackout’ in hard climate situations,” Alvestad stated, adding that the ship’s low oil levels have been still “inside set limits.”

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