Violence Flares in Afghanistan as Hospital and Funeral Attacked

Violence Flares in Afghanistan as Hospital and Funeral Attacked

At least 40 people, including freshly born babies, killed in two separate strikes in Kabul capital and Nangarhar province, officials say, adding death toll could increase.

Gunmen altered as policeman attacked a hospital in the capital city, Kabul on Tuesday, killing 16 souls including two newborn babies from a maternity dispensary managed by the international humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders.

In a separate attack the same day, a suicide bomber hit the funeral of a police officer, accompanied by state officials and a member of parliament, in the eastern region of Nangahar, killing at least 24 people and wounding 68.

Afghan security forces stand guard outside Dasht-e-Barchi Hospital which came under attack in Kabul, Afghanistan May 12, 2020. Image Source: Reuters

Officials stated that toll could grow. Daesh claimed the assault on the funeral.

The Taliban, Afghanistan’s foremost insurgency group which states it has stopped attacks on cities following a US troop withdrawal deal, refused involvement in both.

Massively armed forces were witnessed carrying babies covered in blankets away from the crime scene, as the clearance operation remained.

The facility, which has a great maternity ward, is situated in the west of the city, place to the capital’s minority Shia Hazara society – a constant target of the Daesh terrorist organization.

A baby is carried away by soldiers after gunmen attacked a maternity hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan. Image Source: AP


The flare-up in violence appears as Afghanistan catches with myriad crises including a surge in combative operations over the country and a rush in coronavirus infections.

The maternity services at the hospital are sustained by humanitarian association Doctors Without Borders (MSF). “Hospitals and health workers must not be attacked. We call on all factions to end attacking hospitals and health workers,” stated deputy health minister in the city, Waheed Majroh.

Around an hour later, a suicide bomber killed at least 15 souls at the funeral of a native police officer in the country’s eastern Nangarhar province, according to provincial spokesperson Ataullah Khogyani.

Map of Afghanistan locating Nangarhar province where fatalities were reported on Tuesday after a suicide blast at a funeral. Image Source: AFP

The assailant exploded his explosives in the center of the ceremony.

Zaher Adel, spokesman for the government hospital in Jalalabad, earlier said 12 bodies had reached from the explosion site, and more than 50 people were being operated for wounds.

Amir Mohammad, who was injured in the blast, said thousands of people had assembled for the funeral, an occasion which often brings huge number of people in Afghanistan.

“The jihadist Abdallah al Ansari hit Afghan security troops and militia allied to Nangarhar, discharging his suicide belt and slaughtering and wounding 100 non-believers,” Daesh stated in a declaration on the Telegram messaging app.

An injured boy is carried on a stretcher to hospital following the suicide attack at a funeral of a local police commander in Nangarhar. Image Source: AFP

The terrorist organization did not remark on a separate attack that took place on a hospital in Kabul.

After the attacks, President Ashraf Ghani commanded the country’s security authorities to continue offensive actions against the Taliban and other insurgent organizations.

“I order all the security forces to stop their active defense situation, return to offensive attitudes, and continue their operations upon the enemy,” Ghani spoke in a televised address.

Pakistan, Turkey, EU condemned the twin attacks.

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