What are bots attacks? How to Protect a Website from Bots Attacks

Maintain good security is an important task of every website. There are bots on every site, actually in reality bots visit a site more than humans.

Protecting your website from evil bots is extremely essential otherwise they can ruin your hard work.

There are two kinds of bots in the world of SEO.

Good Bots

There are not just bad bots on the internet but there are bots that are beneficial for your website, these bots are called “Google bots”.

Google bots are your friend because these bots are from Google and because of these bots your site becomes enable to crawl on Google and get ranking in Google. They use a sitemap.xml file to discover all areas of your site and make it easier and quicker to crawl on Google.

Bad Bots

These bots are called bandit bots. Bad bots are very harmful to the website because they can exploit your site and diminish your content. They can ruin your website or blog and affect your ranking on Google badly, your website can be blacklisted because of some evil bots.

There are different kinds of bandit bots:

1.       Spammers

Spambots are the most dangerous because they can do malware attacks on your website and filled your website with worthless materials. These bots can become your fake users and fake subscribers, they also send you fake and spam emails from the same address again and again to bait you.

2.       Scrapers

Scrapers can steal your content and other useful material, they steal content all over the internet and make a duplicate of this content. They can make your content worthless and scraped, you can’t get any ranking and Google can also penalty you.

3.       Hackers

Hackers hack a website by stealing its IP Address and other useful personal information and credit cards. They can harm your website badly and you can lose your users or customers because of malicious attacks of hackers on your website.

4.       Click Frauds

Click frauds make fake clicks on your ads, again and again, usually, they target your AdSense account and other ads related setup. Because of these bad bots, there will be no real click on your ads and you can lose your real users and customers in the future.

How to protect a website from bots attacks

Protecting websites from bots attack is really important, for the protection you can use different useful security plugins. In WordPress, most recommended plugins are WordFence, all in one WP security and BulletProof security.

For getting rid of click frauds you can install a plugin called “Google AdSense click frauds” it is a special plugin used for preventing click frauds. This plugin can save your website completely from any harmful effects of click frauds.

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