What is In-App Gestures? How visual cues are helpful in Gestures

Now, touch has becomes a norm in the new mobile technology world. Users preferred the use of gestures over buttons, now Gesture has taken over and buttons are no more in the trend, gestures are in trends, new and more useful gestures become more prominent.

What are in-app gestures?

Gestures like swipe, taps, double taps, scroll are very common in-app gestures and they are normally used in all kinds of mobile apps.

Actions like deleting and sharing in any app activity or content are normally done with the help of swipe.

Now users have become addictive to the use of gestures and they no more like the use of buttons in their mobile apps.

New and innovative gesture becomes prominent and they vary from industry to industry. We can expect to have more new and innovative gestures in the upcoming year.

The latest and innovative gesture surely becomes a prominent part of new mobile apps.

In any mobile app, there are special parts of gestures and it made the user experience better and comfortable.


Why Gestures are more Better than Buttons

Now gestures become more useful and helpful for users, gestures makes the user experience real and very lively. They are more easy to use as compared with buttons, they bring useful shortcuts for every activity in smartphones.

Users find using gesture pleasing and comfortable. The gesture makes any app interface neat and clean. Users feel no hazards or abstractions before taking any actions with the help of gestures.

Gesture simplify your experience, you just need to swipe for deleting and adding any content in your mobile apps, if you want to delete an unwanted email, you just need to swipe and your email will be deleted.

Gesture create a shortcut in our each and every activity, they make app interface more pleasing and clean. It simplifying the whole process of user activity and it makes the user experience more real and lively.

Role of Visual Cues in the use of Gestures

Visual cues play an important role in the use of Gestures. sometime while using gestures, it becomes slightly confusing and frustrating especially when we are used to some special type of gesture or when we use a new app and we find that special type of gesture is different in the new app.

In this situation, visual cues help us a lot and make things more clear and understanding for us.

Sometimes we used to a specific gesture and it did not perform the same in other devices or apps, these types of situations become slightly confusing.

In these confusing situations, visual clues help us to act in the right way and they make us relax and comfortable, visual clues guide us about using new types of gestures by giving us clues.

Most of the time, when we install and start using a new app, we can observe that there are visual clues for our guidance towards the use of gestures in this new app. The new progressive gestures are upcoming in the new mobile technology.

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