What is Machine Learning? An Introduction to Machine Learning with Examples

About 30 years ago, there were no smartphones or smart devices, mobile phones were very rare only some peoples have mobile phones. Time has changed, now we can see almost every person have smartphones and other devices like laptops and tablets. We are living in an era of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Machines can learn and decide, machines can store data and take action according to the data stored related to past experiences.

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence, machine learning is based on the technology of  artificial intelligence. There is much software around us with the ability of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In the process of machine learning, machines develop a logic by learning from the experience and different examples. You just need to feed the data to the machine without being writing code or explicitly programmed, the machine will learn and built a logic according to the saved data. When we give machines new data, they get improved by learning through new data and keep learning and improving with time.

Machines become intelligent, they have the ability of learning, think and create logic, machines can manage tasks and do their work accurately and efficiently.

Examples of Machine Learning

There are many examples of machine learning around us, Social media platform also have the ability of machine learning. Facebook is a perfect example of machine learning, we can see Facebook gives us suggestions like friend request suggestion and page suggestions, these suggest that we get from Facebook is because of machine learning.

Facebook learn through experiences and keep saving data regularly. Facebook suggestions and other actions are based on the given data and experiences.

Online shopping is another example of machine learning, in online shopping, the recommendation and suggestions you get is an example of machine learning. if you want to buy a product on a website sometimes you get recommendations of things that you are looking for or want to buy.

Machine suggest product according to your interest when you purchase a product on an online website, the software of that online shopping website recommend you more product related to the product you buy from their website.

This process of suggestion, recommendation, and likes or dislikes is all based on machine learning. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the magic of new technology in this era. These new technologies are increasing rapidly and the future of machine learning is very bright.

The machine learning technology spread rapidly and at this time every person can use use the internet and can get benefits from the internet. Mobile and internet are examples of machine learning. Machines become intelligent, they can learn and machines can also think.

You can notice many examples of machine learning around you, because mobile phones are using everywhere every single person have mobile phones and many peoples are using social media platforms and do online shopping.

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