What is Off-page SEO, Best Tips for Off-page SEO

Different techniques are used in Off-page SEO for getting higher ranking on Google. Bloggers usually give most of their time to On-page SEO but Off-page SEO is equally important for getting organic traffic.

The main goal of a blogger is to get a position on the top 10 pages of Google, for achieving this goal Off-page SEO is effective and helpful.

Off-page is more than just Link building it is an important part of SEO, it is necessary for creating a well-established website.

What is Off-page SEO?

All the techniques and activities you do away from your blog or websites is called Off-page SEO. Off-page SEO is not just about creating links, Off-page SEO is about the off-site activities that you do for raising your website ranking on the search engines.

On-page, SEO includes all the activities you do inside of your website and off-page SEO is about all the activities you do outside of your website to improve the overall position of your website on SERP(search engine result page).


Ther are many tips and techniques used in Off-page SEO for getting organic traffic and higher ranking. Some best tips for Off-page SEO are mention below:


  1. Link Building

Link building is the most important factor of off-page SEO, link building is king in Off-page SEO, Give your intention for making good quality Do follow and No-follow links, both Do-Follow and No-Follow links are important, but Google gives more value to Do-Follow links, make sure your website has some high-quality Do-Follow links.

There are many techniques available for creating Do-Follow links, use these techniques for making high-quality links.


  1. Social Media Platforms

Social media becomes powerful day by day, you should get help from social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc for Off-page SEO. Social media activity matter to search engines. If you have a good harness on social media you can win the race of getting higher ranking and top position on SERP.


  1. Blog commenting

Blog commenting is still beneficial and useful, don’t be shy in blog commenting. It is the best way of creating No-Follow backlinks.

Blog commenting can drive SERP ranking and organic traffic to your website.


  1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way for creating powerful backlinks for your website. Always try to give quality content, fresh and relevant stuff in your guest posting. Make your guest posts readable and valuable not just focus on getting links to your website.


  1. Forum posting

Forum posting is another great way of getting good links to your website, make sure to post valuable thing not to do bluntly activities on the forum, always mention your brand but in a good way.

Question answer platforms like Quora, Yahoo Answer and Reddit are best for forum posting.


  1. Document sharing

Document sharing is also a part of Off-page SEO, it is good for you to get some link juice for your website, document sharing is good to rank your website keywords.

You can use platforms like Academia or Slideshare for doing document sharing.

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