What is Organic Traffic? Top 8 Tactics to Increase Organic Traffic on a Website

To get Organic Traffic from Search Engine, you need to make your blog according to on-page SEO. New Bloggers want to know how to increase traffic. First of all, know that your post should be according to on-page SEO to get more traffic.

Hard work is necessary for success. For the website’s high rank, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has to be shown with a lot of hard work as well.

What Is Organic Traffic?

Google explains organic traffic like this, the traffic comes to your site from different search engines like google, yahoo, Bing, etc. or from other referrals like video channel, through another blog that is linked with your blog then all these traffic is called organic traffic for your blog.


  1. Blog Designing:

The design of the blog also helps to bring more organic traffic to the blog. If the blog’s texture is not attractive, the visitor will not stay on the blog long. If visitor will have a problem finding any information and they will not come to your blog.

If the blog looks good then the visitor will read the information on your blog and will come back again and again. To bring organic traffic to the website, it is very important to have Blog’s texture simple and attractive.


  1. Alt Tag:

Google robots only understand the language of coding. To create a friendly image, Alt Tag should use in the image. Google only knows what the content is related to. If you do not use Alt Tag, then Google will not understand this image and there will be no benefit to using Image in the article.


  1. Write an article for the visitor:

Visitors always appreciate the internet to find any new information. And if the information they want is on your site, then your site will also be liked and shared.

What do visitors need? Explaining this well also enhances your success. When you write content for visitors, the answers to all the questions of visitors should be found in your content. By doing this you will get Organic traffic from search engines as well as high rank at SERP.


  1. Use Keyword in Your Blog Post:

Search engine rank article on the quality of keywords used in the article. Therefore, the article should use high-quality Keywords.

focus on the density of keywords too. Professional Blogger says Keywords Density should be 2.5. If Keyword Density is too much, Google rejects the article as Spam. Because of the keyword, you can get more organic traffic.

  1. Fast Loading Template:

As I have said before, there are millions of websites and posts coming daily on the internet. Visitors do not have enough time to wait for your post to open. Because visitors have lots of options. Except for your post, the Visitor will go to another site. That is why the speed of the opening of your site should be very fast. For this, you have to change the settings of Blog’s template to be very fast. If the blog opening speed is good, the visitor will often like to get information from your site.


  1. Try Link Exchange:

Link exchange also changes your website organic traffic, if a blogger wants to share the link of his/her blog it is a good source of organic traffic.


  1. Outbound Link:

Getting Outbound Linking is helpful. Another website, Blog’s Link to use in your article is called Outbound Linking.

When we write articles, we mention the second site. And together with its link, it helps in on-page SEO.

Example: When we write about Yahoo so if we put’s link on the word yahoo this is called Outbound Linking.


  1. Internal Linking:

Internal linking has a great hand in increasing traffic to Blog. Internal linking has many advantages. The biggest advantage is that linked post gets link juice. This helps in improving the rank of the article. Visitors can easily go from one article to another when reading your article. It does not need to find, which increases page views. Traffic also improves, Internal linking is very simple and it is also safe.

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