What is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)?

An Introduction of Popular Video Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a renowned game, many peoples out there are familiar with this amazing game. PUBG is developed by a Korean company called Bluehole studio, a video game is commonly known as PUBG.

The developer company of PUBG was founded in 2007, Brendan Green is the creative director of the game, who developed many popular games and worked on many Battle Royale titles. Battle royal is the mode of the game where the developer of game Greene played the game as a PlayerUnknow and spend most of his time playing the game. It was the dream of the developer of game Brendan Greene to create a game based on the past experiences of Battle Royale Mode.

Some inspiration for PUBG comes from a Japanese movie named as”Battle Royale”. In PUBG players fight with each other and in last determined the person standing alive.

PUBG is doing refinement to make sure to give rewards to the players who purchase this game and reward players with extra features, maps, and many more benefits. I hope now you get an introduction to the video game.


How to play PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s is a popular game in which almost 100 peoples have to fight with each other on an island In this fight their final goal is to be one last person surviving. You will have different weapons and gadgets to use, which will help you in the fight and search your way of winning in the game. In large open Iceland, you need to discover your opponents and this makes the game more attractive and entertaining.

 In PUBG, you have the option to choose between a male or female character as you start playing the game you can get battle points these points used to buy new things for your characters like its clothes and other important items. You can also purchase clothes and other items on steam through real money.

Once you land on the island, it’s up to you to survive and earn maximum battle points and find your opponents and fight with them to win.


Modes of PUBG

In this game you have the option of two modes, you have a mode of TPP( Third person perspective) and another newly launched model is FPP( First-person perspective). You can choose one mode and in both of these most, you will have a different experience. So, it’s entirely up to you to choose the perfect model for you, In this game, you don’t need to have previous experience to understand the whole concept. You just need to survive in this battle of the video game.

The important point is to understand the psychology of players and fully have control over the weapons to fight accurately with the enemies, you need to understand all the weakness and strength of the weapons or guns you have.

You can select a solo mode in the game and the other option is of teaming up mode and to have contact with friends and fellows. You can select a squad and duo mode according to your preferences. If you survive in the game and win the battle you will be rewarded with the “ chicken dinner” when you rewarded with chicken dinner it’s mean now you are a winner and can have a joyful meal.

In PUBG you need tactical thinking and to have control over risks and problems you will face while playing. You should know about risk management and some other things related to management you need to look out in the game. You have to create a game plan to minimize the error and to get your delicious meal named “chicken dinner”.

As a beginner, you first need to select your guns, weapons and other necessary clothes and health-related items to start your battle on the island. The important task to understand is when you have to shoot, where to shoot and how to secure yourself in the safest place. You need to be in safe zones all the time and have to avoid blue zones because these blue zones are dangerous zones and harmful for you. To be a good player and a winner in PUBG you need experience and patience.


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