What is the user onboarding? How to improve the experience of the user onboarding

Mobile apps are created for their users and these apps should be able to complete all the requirements of their users.

If an app is able to get a good review and impression from its users, that will be the success of this app.

Developers should always try to make users feel comfortable, good and positive while using their apps or games.

What is User Onboarding

User onboarding is the first impression that the user of the app gets from it. When a user first time uses an app he/she like or dislike the app, in this time the fate of the app will be decided with the user.
In onboarding experience, users must have all they are looking for in the app.
It is a big task for developers to make positive onboard impression for its users. It is a target to achieve and key to success for a developer

How to improve user onboarding

A perfect onboarding experience is crucial for a successful app. Developers should always keep trying to making onboarding experience positive more comfortable, beneficial and understanding. Users should get all information about important features when he opens an app for the first time.

There should be no confusion in the user’s mind towards the application. Make sure users have some basic tips for using any feature of the apps or games.

Adding an introductory video for making users able to understand completely is quite a good idea. Give users an option to personalize their experience of using the app by adding their favor and preference features. The developer must provide some basic tips to the users, for understanding and using all the important features. When a user first time use an app and if user like or purchase that app at this time, this will be the success of app developer.

Make the user feel positive towards the apps

Develop can take the help of apps gamification to make the user feel good and positive towards the app or game.

App gamification is a trend that grows faster, gamification is used to make users positive and happy towards your app and to make them feel good while using the app.

To make the user feel positive and motivated, add praising message at completing any stage or level.

After any important activity or sign up thanks users, these little praising messages keep using motivated and they did not get bored soon and they can use such apps for the long term.

These simple praising messges plays an important role in application gamification.


  • In user onboarding always try to make a good impression of your apps on their users.
  • Make sure to add all must have and important instructions and messages on your apps
  • Take the help of gamification to make users feel positive towards your apps.
  • You have got to stay updated toward the newest trends in the technology world.
  • You need to know what’s happening and what is new in the mobile technology because your current users and customers belong to mobile technology world.